Where would we be without it?

We wouldn’t.


In a pretty similar place.

If you’re talking about the word, a different word could have been used or none at all and we’d still be walking around as usual.

If you’re talking about the effect that gravity is supposed to signify, what are we talking about? An imaginary force?
It’s not as if forces actually exist, you know that right? It merely seems as though they existed.
Treating it as though it existed is useful because we have a number that’s given a fair bit of inspiration toward playing with reality until we got some technology and more numbers ‘out of it’.
It’s no different than asking where we’d be without God. It could be seen that it was as though He existed. But there’s just as little actual presence. Under a different value system to the above, He could be seen as another force that was useful - not for the same ends as anything scientific, but for matters of moral conduct and what people imagine to be ‘afterlife’ etc.

Perhaps you just mean ‘gravity’ as in seriousness. In which case, obviously I’ve been far too grave about the question :unamused:

Without gravity, maybe we’d all be a lot more light hearted.

Gravy, we’d be talking about gravy.


How come I’ve never heard that one before? I guess you could say I totally “fell” for it? :confused: