great idea: bad boss tax

in the end, we are pretty close to the same end and yet you offer nothing in way
of combatting this or fighting this or avoiding this fate. You seem to think you are very clever
and witty, you probably stroke yourself and think about how clever and witty you are and
yet you still offer nothing. My guess is you are barren. void of ideas to offer us. just clever and witty
nothings that allow you think you are witty and clever. Offer us some solutions, make some attempt
to actually engage in the problem by offering answers or is that too much to ask of you while
you are busy stroking yourself.


I did offer the only thing that you can do, "Stop changing the laws, because they will ALWAYS be against the masses these days." Slightly favor removing laws and holding out for things to settle down.

But other than that, you cannot gauge the affairs of Minnesota, or foreign policies concerning money, because you simply don’t know where the money is really going. You live in a world of deceit and cold war. The only helpful thing that you can do involves establishing your own reasonable independence with a few people who you can personally trust and let the rest of the world play their games. You cannot know who the good guys are. In a war, economic or otherwise, there are no good guys.

so you have nothing to offer us except the word no. NO, your wrong,
no, your idea is wrong. No is as far as you can get.
Tend your own garden is a failed answer because the world intrudes on
that garden. You cannot keep it out, but your “solution” is to hide and hope
the world doesn’t see you. good luck with that because one day you are going to
wake up and you won’t like what your garden has become and you will wish you
had done something earlier. NO is not answer, just a means to avoid unpleasantry.


You’re still not seeing it.

You are on a train that is headed full throttle toward a cliff and you are saying, “Hey everyone lean to the Left and maybe the train will change course!!” Not that it really would change course, but it certainly isn’t going to while half of the people are saying, “Hey everyone lean to the Right and maybe the train will change course!!

What would help for you to realize is that you are actually a part of the engine, the liberal-conservative, Democrat-Republican dipole engine thrusting toward the same washed out bridge, shouting;
[size=150]WooWoo All Aboard!!
All together now…
This… way
That… way[/size]
This way
That way

this way
that way
this way, that way
thisway thatway thisway thatway thisway-thatway thisway-thatway thisway[size=75]thatway thiswaythatway thiswaythatway… WooWoo[/size] [size=50]thiswatthatway thiswaythatway thiswaythatway…thatway thiswaythatway thiswaythatway… WooWoo[/size]

So yeah, I’m afraid that stopping does actually give the world a chance to get off the train before the cliff.

You just keep on stroking yourself. That is pretty much the only thing you offer.

And you just keep denying reality. That is pretty much all you know to do.