great news, all found guilty of murder of Arbery

and we find justice in the guilty conviction of those three men who
chased Ahmaud Arbery and murdered him…

we cannot hold to the mixed messages of some being guilty of murder
and some found innocent due to the wide varieties of law being
practice in different states, even in different cities…

murder must be considered to be murder wherever it is done…

for there to be justice, there must be equality… equal to all…
for if there is not equality, equality under the law, then there is no
justice… and we betray justice every single time a Rittenhouse
engages in murder and is freed… for there was no justice in that case…
and inequality, which is injustice, is practiced…


One has to wonder at all those other black people murdered who did not benefit from a mobile phone video.
As I understand it the suspects were questioned and dismissed for 2 months until the film was leaked.

It is 218% more likley for a white man killing a black guy to get acquitted than if he kills a white man in the US.
Source Al Jazeera quoting an american survey.

We still have to wait for sentencing - let’s hope that the US justice “system” holds up for once.

I would like to think that a black guy can go for a jog without being murdered.

K: the fact it took so long to charge them, the white guys, tells us that
racism, you know the CRT racism denounces by the right wing, is in fact
true… but as they benefit from the systematic, organized racism against
blacks, that is the real reason they oppose to CRT… they want to be able
to continue to be openly racists… and CRT tackles that issue…

and the war began by Raygun on the poor, people of colored, continue
in America… it has been a class war for decades… and when one of the
poor or minorities say this, suddenly it is called “Class warfare”


I agree. Racism is rife, and has grown since I lived in the States in the early 80s. It’s been reinforced by the advent of Fox News and other channels that love to sensationalise crimes by “young black males”, which flood the TV screens everyday, whilst minimising the crimes of rich elite (mostly) whites who have beem fleecing the economy in various ways from fraud, tax evasion, and corporate crimes such as insidere trading.
Desperate black guys with no prospects who turn to gang crime seem to be more “sexy” and televisual than white-collar crime.
And the clowns on this Forum like Urwrong suck it up because it feeds their innate xenophobia. The thugs that were tried and found guilty today did not see a jogger, they saw a criminal plain and simple.

The fomenting Commie Cult racists speak out - =D>

Just think -

If it had been 3 black blacks who chased down a white dude - would the Commie Cult even take note? - of course not.

I haven’t seen any of the evidence concerning this case - so I have no opinion of the verdict.

Truth - justice - evidence - nothing means anything to the cult of hatred, division, and destruction - only primate childlike feminine - [list]“I want what I want what I want - and I want to HATE!!”.[/list:u]

well, fuck you!

Another reason anonymous links are ignored. :smiley: