Great Website search!!

I am doing a piece in the paper on websites and (I am being lazy here) was wondering if you could help me. Lazy because I didn’t feel like searching to find the old thread here…

Anyway… what is your favorite website? Remember I live in the Midwest suburbs. LOL I mean, I am not interested in great nipple-wax or genital piercing sites okay? Give me what you got, guys.

Love ya.… (I had 2 glasses of Jack or I wouldn’t have told you that) LMAO

more laziness:

No one takes me seriously. :frowning:

I’m no good at this ‘favourite’ stuff; it all depends on what mood I’m in so I’d have to go with doorway sites – sites that lead you into what ever takes your mood at the time.

Therefore my two most used are: Google and StumbleUpon (Gobbo put me on to this. Thanks Gobbo :smiley:)

If you want to know what sites a lot of people like, go to StumbleUpon and select your area(s) of interest (e.g. political, art, England etc) and then go exploring.

Because the sites here have been vetted by people who like/know about that particular subject, the amount of quality sites is amazing. Perhaps you can use examples from various StumbleUpon categories in your piece?

. isn’t bad.

also you should check out

and of course,

Almost forgot

Have fun Bessy.