Green tea

Lately i’ve started drinking loose green tea…

basically you drop a few crumpled leaves into a glass of hot water and they expand while brewing a very light green tea.

This green tea has “anti-oxidants” whatever they are, and “minerals” whatever they do, and has about one fourth the caffiene of coffe.

I can’t get over the calm feeling that green tea gives you… i feel like i could sit meditate for hours… it’s almost a feeling of euphoria…

Then again i usually drink the tea after having smoked a joint, so there might be some sort of cocktail involved…

Does anyone know anything about green tea? so far i highly reccomend trying some…

As to personal experiance, I find it to be very relaxing, and this is without cannabis.

I have started drinking a variety of teas :sunglasses: Peppermint tea, Sweet nettle & Fennel, Chamomile, Chinese Green tea, Ginseng tea. Apparently they do your body good and serve as a healthier alternative to drinking black tea all day. But isn’t green tea completely free of caffeine?

:laughing: Any leaves?

I prefer to just use the tea bags I doubt I could go pick my trees outside and drink those, I think if anything garden trees are toxic rather than intoxicate :mrgreen: But I have yet to experience this euphoria…

no you buy the leaves. they come from china…

Bagged tea is looked upon as an inferior product used by cheap people :laughing: (in China)

go to an asian specialty store and try to find some loose green tea, you would be suprised…

Fuck the Chinese.

ok, if I do, then it best be good. The only specialist store I’m aware of is some Chinese medicine store in town, they just have jars and jars of bark on the shelves :laughing: I mock their ways because I’m white. (joke) :-"

o.k, it’s not like they produce the worlds best tea or anything…

pssh…obviously you’ve never tried PG Tips!

Ever had dandelion tea? I just go pick some leaves and chop them up, then put in boiling water. Pretty good stuff.

You don’t need to go to a specialty store. I don’t know if it’s always been the case, or if it’s the case everywhere, but since I’ve been buying my own groceries, every supermarket I’ve been to has had loose-leaf tea. Green tea is great, but I think I like white tea better. As I understand it, they are all from the same plant, just picked at different times and prepared differently. White tea is the least bitter, but it still has the anti-oxidants and such of green tea.

I find herb tea really delicious, too. I’ve had chamomile forever, but I recently started mixing my own herbal brews. Wonderer, try a little lavender mixed with your green tea and joint, it’s got a great flavor and is even more relaxing. Other good herbs are mint, sage, and cinnamon.

A more energetic herbal tea is yerba mate, which is some herb from South America. It’s got similar caffeine-like effects, but it’s way less jittery than coffee, and it tastes a lot like green tea. It’s a very relaxed sort of energetic, and I think it’s a good replacement for the morning cup-o’-joe. It’s a little harder to find, but hippy grocery stores like Whole Foods have it.


Someone told me about this fantastic spring water they drink. They claim this unique spring water, which they consume in a 4 fluid ounce glass, creates a feeling of intoxication.

Then again, they also said they mix it with 2 fluid ounces of refrigirated Smirnoff 100 proof vodka.

So, maybe the intoxicating feeling their experiencing has something to do with the coldness of this spring water.

I don’t know!

a good attempt at comedy, but then again i did say usually, not always, and i have a high tolerance for marijuana.

You got beef with my anecdotes? :slight_smile:

No beef! Just an attempt at comedy.

I drink Alvita brand.

i’m not sure what brand mine is. a friend from work has his mom ship it in from china… apparantly it’s the good stuff…

They just cut open tea bags and give you what’s inside then they laugh at you behind your back. The Chinese are evil like that and that’s a fact! You can look it up.


Almost everyone claims resistance to marijuana, thats probably true for a lot of people but smoking methods effect the amount of ‘high chemicals’ you’re getting. I was watching a thing on ‘manwsers’ the other night, talking about the THC content gained by smoking your weed through bongs, joints and vaporizers. If you have a good vaporizer, go with that, its like 90++% thc from the stuff you get, a bong has high 80% a joint, it claimed, was like 15% or some equally low and unimpressive number.

So take that marijuana and use a bong or a vaporizer or knives, if its still not working, quit for awhile i guess.

That being said, if you’re drinking milk with those teas, some studies have shown that you could be destroying massive amounts of anti-oxidants in it or maybe thats the nitric oxide content for heart-health.

either way. a good smoke and a good cup of tea is some-thing I haven’t had in awhile. (the tea part) green-tea is shiitttty anyway. i’ll take some nice regular teas or even better, a nice blend of beans.

i eat healthy enough, perpetually enough, that I don’t need to be going to tea for anti-oxidants.

Well good for you. But, have you considered that maybe Wonderer has not attained to the level of purity that you have?

Try condescending to the common folk.

I wasn’t being condescending at all, I was just mentioning that I wasn’t personally going to suck back disgusting green tea, that loses a pile of its health benefit if it has anything but TEA in it.

Though I do think that if you’re eager to point out the health benefits of green tea you either have disgusting tastes or your diet could be improved. grape juice and loads of other juices are all pretty high in anti-oxidants.

The point is if you’re eating anywhere close to the governmental food guide-lines you’re already getting massive amounts of anti-oxidants, you don’t need anymore, your servings of fruit/vegetables will be filling you with anti-oxidants, things like tomatoes, cranberries, blueberries, oranges/apples and etc.

If you’re not getting the guide-line reccomendation, all the green tea in the world isn’t going to make you get the nutrition you need.

So whats the point of it? other than the fact that some people like the taste.

green tea isn’t apart from other teas in its health benefits, even if the other teas lack say anti-oxidants, they are full of nitric oxide, which has shown to keep the veins/arteries very healthy, and flexible. (so lots of teas are good for you)

if you add milk, that benefit may be lost.