Greetings and Introductions?

Ok, so I usually just jump in head first when I find a topic that interests me, but I eventually do get around to introducing myself if it looks like I may stay around a bit. On most other discussion boards I frequent there is a “Greetings” and/or “Introduction” forum for new members. Some place to say “Hi” and get acquainted before diving in.
It really does help to get a friendly welcome from someone on a new board to make a new member feel comfortable in posting, and it lets other members get a feel for the new member.

I don’t really see a place here to do this, except for the “Mundane Babble” forum, but it just doesn’t quite seem the appropriate place.


Well in that case…

Welcome to ILP! :slight_smile: I hope that you will find us a friendly bunch with whom you may disscuss real philosophy with. :slight_smile:


I hope you enjoy your stay.

(This IS probably the most appropriate forum for this post.)

Welcome :slight_smile:

I see my post was moved from the “Suggestions” forum to here.
The intent of my post was to suggest the creation of a Greetings and Introduction forum for new members.

I guess those running this place think this “Mundane Babble” forum is the forum to do this.
Well, I guess it is Their discussion board, I can only suggest, and work with what is offered.

But thank you for your consideration.


The reason this forum doesn’t have a Greetings/Introductions board is because it really isn’t necessary. If we took the time to greet each fool who joined the forum and never really posted anything, we wouldn’t have time to actually post anything relevant. This forum is not about greeting newcomers, it’s about making a point. Those who want to recieve a greeting as a recognition that they are noticed on these forums must make their presence clear and concise. The most effective way of doing this is pissing off the religious part of this forum community. By doing that, you gain their attention, and gain the gratitude of the non-religious.

So…as you’ve clearly made a stance at making your presence clear and concise, I welcome you on the basis that I expect to see posts with your name authoring them. Otherwise, you may just as well fall into the pile of nonposters who we spend countless hours wondering: “Why did they join in the first place??”