Grey areas

One such area is the World Health Organization, the fact that therich countries are rates of vaccination is vastly higher than those of the underdeveloped ones, are signs of division between the socialist and the capitalistic concern with the New World Order.

This parallels the the Republican-Democratic division on the U S.

Does this parallel signify any global-regional Grey area that pits one with the other?

And which one has most of the will to enforce the powers to be, or the other way, which retains the most power to inflict it’s will?

And finally the schizoid political-material makeup of China, suffer, or beniefit within the dialecticle struggle that is disignated by the difference between the dialecticle struggle of retroactively pure and material dialectic?

As a matter of fact, in consequence to the base of a virtual triangle as ever expanding, the top virtually shrinking to a minumum, creating a more abrupt sliperry slope from top to bottom, explains the media’s ever increasing puzzling bias; while at the same time growing backlash for judicial review.

The venues may be filled in after the fact to appear to correlate, or be left open for more concrete assessement.

Why? Cause it leaves a tiny bubble for ‘democratic dialogue’.