guilds: cure for capitalism?

Capitalism seems to naturally put power in the hands of the few and the rich – economically separating the haves and the have-nots. I wonder if a cure for this condition could be found in the Medieval system of trade guilds. Let the workers (i.e. the full-fledged members of the guild) democratically run the guild for the sake of all the members. The guild would then own its own capital. I think this would probably solve a number of problems in capitalism and socialism.

Who here is up enough on guilds to shed light on my reactivolution?

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the guilds have evolved into multi national corporations…

if you want to get a bunch of guys together and produce special stuff at a premium, go for it…

*yet this is the heart of entrepreneurship

the vast majority will continue to shop at wally world…


Isn’t that almost precisely what labor unions already are?

no, unions have no material capital aside from their labor


I missed that part- I just saw “democratically run the guilds.” I see now. But how would that solve anything?

they’d be like the us congress who never votes themselves a pay raise every year…


Looks like it’s just another way of seperating the workers class and the coordinator class, and will result in the same problems that are already in society as a whole.

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Capitalism is the most effective system yet devised for creating wealth.

Full stop.

It makes no claim to create equality, happiness, justice or make the sun shine every day.