Gun violence

12 dead in Colorado. I agree with Bloomberg, but, sadly, I doubt that anything will change significantly. The presidential candidates have staked out positions: … tions-2012

But right now would be a teachable moment for them to step up and declare their positions. After 19 people were shot and killed in Arizona and Gabby Gifford maimed for life last year, politicians clicked their tongues and did nothing. Look for the same thing to happen this time. They dare not cross the NRA because of the risk to their political careers. We should all just shut up and accept that mass murder will continue to be a regular part of the American life. I hope I’m wrong.

This newest gun violence media piece coming from Colorado is just in time for Obama’s preventative gun ownership measures a few days away at the UN assembly.

Very timely.

Thanks for the heads-up SV. However, I will be very surprised if amounts to more than political yammering.

Time will tell.

Do you advocate the removal of all guns? I hope not.

I advocate stopping the platitudes and embracing the fact that America is a violent nation where this what we do. Of course, the platitudes are what we do too, so we may as well embrace them too. But let’s not pretend that they are more then pure bullshit. We have no intention as a people of doing anything to prevent violence. We love it more and more all the time. This ass-hole was pretending to be heath ledger as the Joker. The fucker, who incidentally is said to be a neuroscience doctoral student, reportedly acquired 6000 rounds of ammo online recently.

Any way, I’m realizing that this thread already is trending toward the rant forum. :angry-screaming:

Answer the question, yes or no?

I think we should reinstitute Dueling.

ROTFLMFAO a tad obsessed? Have you been reading Westerns again? Tsk tsk you know what they do to you.

The question turns on the word “removal”. For practical reasons, I do not advocate removal. Myself, I am a pacifist who has never owned a gun in his life. I advocate that others live as I do. But, that would be a matter of free choice not "removal’ by a government entity. I have too many friends who are gun owners afraid that someone is going to take their gun away from them to believe that removal would be anything less than disastrous. After all, there is the second amendment and so much history. So, I expect us to move further in the direction of psychotics armed with military level weapons doing what that guy did in the movie theater, cops getting gunned down, and kids getting shot to death by the neighborhood watch. The would-be Joker achieved what he wanted which was to get the world’s attention. Peace-lovers achieve nothing. We are losing. Peace is a pipe dream. I think I’ll go for a smoke.

Short of all or nothing positions, there is considerable room for improvement in Gun Laws in the Land of Columbine. From the New York Times:

Most people that die violent deaths at the hand of another are not shot. So ask yourself since this is known, why are guns a target? Most violence does not even have a gun on the scene. Those deaths and attacks do not really make the news other than as 5 second blips. Let a gun get involved and it becomes a world news event. Why? Really think about it watch the news closely. Look at the different treatment.

Im serious…

How do you know?

What makes you think they are? The NRA is so strong, few politicians will oppose it. Gun laws are laxer then they have ever been before.

How do you know?

Right the guy killed 12 people including children when they unsuspecting in theater. No big deal. Who gives a fuck?

You own guns so that you won’t have to live in fear. So instead, you live in fear that someone wants to take your guns away. Ironic.

Wasn’t the idea behind arming the populace to give people a chance to rebel against unjust rule? Or at least to be not totally helpless in any situation, including against the state? That people aren’t totally at the mercy of the State at all times?

I live in Ireland and I am totally defenceless in the face of the State which has a monopoly on the use of force here. I would love to own a gun legally.

There you go a voice from a place that has such control. And I know Apaosha, we may not agree on many things but, on this we can.
Why gun control? 6000 rounds sent to one address. Gun makers do not make ammunition or if they do its as an investor. Why not control the part that actually kills? Seems to me that makes the most sense

And how do I know that information? Well I actually read and listen to more than one side and pay attention to published statistics from independent sources, sources means more than one. It ain’t hard to find just try looking, the government, the media, universities, private groups. Just look, don’ t follow.

Come to the USA. I know people who own hundreds of guns. You’ll fit right in.


I was asking you to actually cite your sources not to speak in generalities. I want to see if you can back up your statements and opinions with facts. Telling me that you read and listen to stuff is not the same as citing your sources. Telling me that I should do this or that is not supporting your allegations with evidence.

How do you know these things?

Oh for Christ sakes felix you want me to find links I never saved find titles to books I may or may not have, etc etc. Dude Its not my job to find things for you. I thought better of you. I figured you would actually look and learn. I give you directions I don’t expect to hold your hand.