Guns are unethical!

Should we use Guns?

  • Yes they are completely nessacery to keep the peace.
  • No not at all they are useless peaces of metal that cause more chaos than peace.
  • Some people such as the military should still be able to use them.
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For centuries we have used these “Tools” of murder to control society. I personally think that they are useless to us, we might aswell use paintball guns. The only thing they are intended for death and suffering yet every American household feels the need for one. But why? Because American media pumps aload of rubbish into the Americans making them fear everyone. Gun deaths in other countries are rare such as Britain and France. Killing humans and animals is wrong we should let nature choose its victims. Society would be much more peacfull without these weapons, wouldnt you agree?

ethics do not exist.

i however agre that they are nothing but tools of destruction.

I think everyone should be able to own a gun if they so desire. Why? Why not?

I mean, to pull on heart strings and plea to emotion for a second, let’s consider that they’ve been around since… well… their conception. They’ve been in the hands of farmers and hunters for centuries. They’re used in sport, and they’re used for show. They have historical value, many times, and they are often even considered heirlooms. You want to prohibit that? From my cold, dead hands.

Also, if you consider that a report in 1990 stated that two million crimes a year (I think) were stopped by civilians using guns, there is a valid use beyond show and sport. A report by the same group also said that those who carry guns are less likely to be injured when defending themselves. Hey, and in the U.S., it’s part of our freaking constitution. How can the citizens form a militia against the government (if the gov’t stops doing its job) if we have no weaponry?

Honestly, it would be nice if people were great to each other, but I don’t need a gun to kill you and take your stuff or cause mass death (see: twin tower plane-bombings).

Lets not mince words, the simple truth about guns is that they are designed to KILL.

However, I believe that possessing a gun is almost needed.

If the citizenry is unable to possess firearms, a great natural counterbalance is taken away.

Not that the Russians could ever take away the Chechnian weapons, but

Say Chechnia was disarmed. The people would have not way to balance the oppression by the Russians.

Im not a Chechnia fan, that was just an example. Switch them if you want.

I possess a few firearms, and my logic is this:

I now possess the power to enforce my will on those who understand nothing but violence.

Whether you want to believe it or not, the world tends to be a delighfully fucked up place, and those who would take all you love simply because of a thought passing through thier heads EXIST HERE.

So I love my ability to use force, sometimes violence (while distasteful and generally less effective than other means) is needed.

Well the thing is if no one had guns then there would be no need for them. If the rule was enforced then the government wouldnt take guns off of the chechnians only. You are not seeing the point.
To you Rafajafar you misunderstand that there would be less deaths alltogether without guns because guns kill more people than they save. Theyre are alot of things that are historic to us such as War which should be ended but still it continues. No one disents to getting rid of war because its part of our history do they. If there are people like that then they are very strange. Thats the same for hunting, a horrible “sport” as it is called.

OK. This is getting out of hand. No guns, and Ill grab me a taser or a sword and proceed to fight and kill?

How about ICBM’s. I assume an RPG is “unethical” according to you too, huh?

The minute you wanna try and ban guns Ill beat you to death with a bat callum.

The violence is NOT in the tool, it is in the wielder.

id just like to point out how you singled out americans again

im american
i dont own a gun
i dont want to own a gun
i think you should be allowed to own a gun

yes in a perfict socity if no one had a gun there would be less murders but marujana is illegal and people still smoke it hell i wouldent be surprised if you have dabbled in it

ITS NOT THE GUNS. As some of you have said its the wielder not the weapon. People are queralsome by nature I belive. There will allways be violence and conflict. Taking guns away will do nothing. And anyway I dont think its a question of saftey or stoping violence its a question of Freedom. Isnt it a right to own a gun? Or should only a select few have the right to own a gun. That road can lead to sticky situations. Such as total governmental contorl.

Hhhmmmm, well the thing is without guns its harder to kill and it takes longer therefore people would be able to be stopped quicker. Well it would be interesting to see what would happen if we took the ‘precious’ guns away. I dont know what an ICBM is or a RPG. Im very weak and young and it wouldnt be me that would take your guns away. Yes the wielder, but the wielder cannot wield without the tool with which he wields with.
Ahwell people break the rules and there is nothing I or anyone else can do about it without dictatorship. Sorry for singleing you out I didnt mean to but you are the majority of gun lovers. But I suppose the majority of people on here will not own a gun as they are to intelligent.
I dont think you Zak condone muder or even theft, but dosnt someone have a right to murder or steal whatever they want? Its there choice, why shouldnt they be allowed? Because it affects other people just like guns do.

What im trying to say is that the violence will exist wether there are guns or not. If its not guns it will be a knife or some other killing machine. Man by nature is queralsome and will fight wether it has any tools or not. What happens if you take away guns but the murder rate stays the same? do you then outlaw knives or some other tool? And if that doesnt work what will you do then cut off every ones hands? There really is no end. Taking away guns is just another step to an overpowering government.[/list]

i think guns are just as bad as anything else yet i still own one, are hardcore drugs any worse? lsd, pcp, coke? those kill people, guns wont stop violence, people still fought even tho there were no guns war was still fought, so tell me how taking them is gonna change anything

Only half on topic, but I have heard that longbows are still more effective killing machines, they simply require much more training.

Exactly that means that not any old moron can come along and shoot people.

but he shure as hell stab some one with an arrow or beat them to a pulp with the bow

Any counter-arguments, Callum?

*1-We can use paintball guns to take over land, kill people, protect our land, and protect ourselves? Nope.

*2-No, my friend, every household doesn’t feel the need to have a firearm. They just feel the need to be given the right, that they were promised, mind you, to own a firearm. It’s not the gun that makes us happy, it’s the right. Some people just prefer to exercise this right more than others, and, if you look around, the people that legally own guns are the least-likely to use them.


This, in itself, shows that when you take away the right to something, people are more likely to get it and use it for bad.

*4-Guns are natural, people made them…Much like plants make poison to kill things that eat them, and certain deep-sea fish produce an electric shock to kill things. We just had to use our keen intelect moreso than the other creatures. Society, yes: the world, no. People would still have guns, whether they were banned or not, and would end up being able to concur other, law-abiding, countries, much more easily.

Ethics, whether you like it or not, do exist. Maybe they shouldn’t, maybe they should, but they are a fact of life. You can express your ethics in any way that you please, but don’t expect it to be accepted, and don’t expect living or being respected long thereafter.

~1-If nobody had guns, guns would not exist. Non-existing things can not be needed nor not-needed.

~2-Please, if you can state this, back it up. Give me a legit website or citation of the number of attempted burglaries, rapes, et cetera, stopped by guns; versus the number of people dying by guns in these cases.

~After Death~

Id kill you with a chair.

ICBM= Inter-Continental-Balistic-Missile

A device used to rain fiery death upon a large area, sometimes used to deliver nuclear warheads. Capable of being launched in one hemisphere and land in another.

A missile you dont need to leave home to shoot.

RPG= Rocket-Propelled-Grenade

A device typically used to render vehicles and people apart.

Generally possessed by angry militants talking about religion on thier radios.

And since your “small and weak” how would you like to be raped by a big, powerful guy? No?

Maybe you should grab you a gun.

Even worse, what if its not you thier after. What if its your family?

That shit happens, get used to it.

Wait… GUNS kill more people than they save? Damn! And all this time I thought it took a person to load the gun, aim, and pull the trigger.

The problem = people. Sure, guns make it easier to kill someone, but it also means it’s easier to defend yourself. Personally, I’d rather be able to use a gun to defend myself than have to get close enough to stab someone, especially if you’re weaker or if it’s hard for you to react because you’re in shock, etc.

Eliminating guns wouldn’t eliminate crime, it would just mean that someone would get stabbed to death instead of shot to death.

Guns are fun, if someone dies from one so be it. shit happens.

I would rather be shot in the head with a gun then stabed to death with a knife…people will still kill.