hopefully everyone who needs to get going has gotten to get…

kris & smears…


Yea,Thanks Imp, we went to get our weekly groceries this morning, Ever see a Wal-mart raped and pillaged? It was crazy there, shelves picked clean, long lines at checkout and at the pumps. Yep, folks are panicing just fine thank you, Thank goodness I keep almost 2 weeks worth of dry goods, canned goods and MREs now for such emergencies. I will have to wait to go shopping after the storm.

What has me curious, What do people do with the boards that cover their windows? You can’t buy plywood right now they can’t keep it stocked. Why does every store around run out of generators just before a Hurricane? what do folks do with these things after a storm passes? throw them away? Every year this happens… :unamused: You would think folks would do like we do and save this stuff. :laughing:

bottled water! folks spend hundreds on bottled water, Get a few coolers and some jugs and fill them with water you friggin idiots you get more water and it costs you far less or do what we did, I have 150 gallons of water storage in 3 plastic 50 gall barrels. I have gallon jugs that gives us an extra 50 gallons of water to store in the house easily. It cost us $25 total for water storage…Buuh duuuhhhh ](*,) ](*,)

Folks panic real well and think real well at times…Thank you very much :laughing: :laughing:

Day 2 so far we are lucky but we face another day of pounding winds and rain, I am grateful we chose not to live near water and that we chose land up high. I know folks down below on the coast that are flooded out, most folks around this part of Miss are without power. My husband and son had to go out yesterday and rescue their bosses. they had to turn water off… yep i was pissed. Then another friend with out power could not figure out how to hook up their generator… out they went again… At least at both times there was a lull. but damnit! You all get toys for survival, learn how to hook it up before you need it and friggin learn where all your water and gas shut offs are. Don’t count on good hearted friends to come rescue your butt during bad times. Guess what? They had to go to work again today in the midst of all of this crap… they did it out of kindness to help that family… so I am here alone, pissed wind and water pounding our walls . Ahh well, they only left because they knew I can handle just about anything. Emotionally, I want them home and safe. they were not supposed to leave today.

glad everything is working out so far…

you know the saying: teach a liberal to fish and he’ll be back tomorrow begging for more fish…

you’ll get through it, I have faith in you…


Thanks, but I’m actually a good way off. All the buildings at my university have been locked down and you have to show ID to get in, except the athletic arenas, which are packed to the brim with refugees. I think I’ll go down and drop of some cans of food or something today.

Save parents minds Smears, go to the Dollar store and buy games and things for bored kids. Refugee kids stress their parents out with boredom and ill behavior. I saw this the last time. Kids go crazy and parents go crazy. Entertaining the young is always the last thing on anyones mind at that time. But it is so important to social peace when you are stuffed like sardines in an area. See if they could use some games or entertainment first, someone else may have already figured it out. If you do get canned goods, protein.

Thank you all for your concern we came out of this one intact and just a little nerve wracked. As I say though, I would rather face a hurricane than a blizzard. That white stuff does not go away fast enough for these hot weathered bones. :laughing: You all that do face blizzards , you have my respect, that is some nasty dangerous weather.

I was hoping for a hell of a storm here in Dallas. In fact I was quite convinced it would hit us. Of course it veers due North, leaving Dallas overcast and windy. I wish the storm wouldn’t go so far as to tease us.

Sorry for that, next storm we will try to push closer to you all. Besides you all would probably end up with hail and tornados. Does South Arlington still get those heavy hailstorms? Man they tore up our cars when we lived there. :laughing:

Not sure about Arlington-I’m on the opposite side of Dallas.

And yeah, if the storm comes, it can go ahead and save the tornadoes for someone else.

Can we send Ike your way via South Texas like Brownsville and that area??? Does anyone reallly know any one from Brownsville? All the Texans I know do not and I know Texans from all parts.

I’d be happy to have Ike.

And no, I’ve never even heard of Brownsville until now. One can only imagine how many small towns exist in Texas.

Ahh, Brownsville is on the border of Mexico South east border of Texas right near the gulf. Across the border in Mexico are some industrial plants or an industrial plant, can’t recall the number, that pollute the area really bad. About a decade or so back they realized that folks in Brownsville were being severly affected by the pollutants. Infants born with severe mutations, cancers etc… then it all went quiet about Brownsville’s problems… Strange is it not?

"Poison is bubbling
Beneath your dreamhome
Buried there years before
Kid runs in crying
From playing in the garden
“Mommy, I burned my hands!”
“What’s making our eyes so itchy?”
“Don’t rub 'em-they’ll swell up.”
Oh…Oh Oh Oh It’s the big waste dump
Oh, yeah We built your ticky-tacky houses
On landfill soil
To cover up a gift
We left you years before
Of toxic chemicals
And leaking gas
Just dig a little while,
You’ll find our acid baths

Cesspools In Eden
Oozing away…

Groundwater’s poisoned
Air stings like hell
The lines for doctors growing long
Over martinis
The company laughs
“We don’t owe you one damn thinging.”
But what about all these fainting spells?
How’d you like a lick
From my open sores
And oh…oh oh oh-
Why are our babies stillborn?
A storage tank’s leaking It’s about to explode
Why evacuate
When you can watch the fun
Nothing happens here
Get out the lawn chairs
We’ll drink pink lemonade
And watch Martinez burn

Cesspools In Eden
Oozing away
Cesspools in Eden
Leak by the day

The land we sold you
Is right atop our acid pits
We fill them by the truckload
In the dead of night
There’s thousands more toxic
Tips of the iceberg
We pay a little bribe
Or we just don’t report them
And see what you get-
Cesspools In Eden
In Eden No accident-
Just a little of our greed-fueled negligence
So you’ve found the proof why
Your cancer rate’s shot up
But whatcha gonna do
When we’ve got all the cards
Times Beach, Rocky Flats,
Love Canal and Bhopal Merry Christmas, hostages
From the folks who care

Cesspools in Eden
Oozing away
Cesspools in Eden
Leak by the day
Cesspools in Eden
Have a nice day" - Jello