…I got invited to my first LAN party. Isn’t that like so 5 years ago? I recently built a gaming type PC and after my friend found this out he invited me to this bi-monthly LAN group. Anyways, it’s today. Gonna realize my inner nerd with some nerdier (co-ed) nerds. I just hope the gaming is competitive, you know what im sayin’, I wanna compete!

what game?

TF2, CS:GO, L4D2

I had never played any of them before. I just installed them this week and played TF2 & CS:GO a few times for practice. I usually play single player RPGs (Skyrim, Dark Souls, etc.) or console shooters like CoD. I’ve also never used a mouse and keyboard for fps games before. It seems easy enough to pick up, though. I’ve usually been a console gamer and will use a controller for most pc games. But now I’m determined to pick up the keyboard/mouse combo.