GWB Fighter Pilot Action Doll

I heard this story on the Sunday morning news. Please see this:

I went to the KB Toys page and wrote a review of the toy, suggesting that as a gesture of good-will, KB Toys ought to send a ship-load of these GWB action figures to those childen of Iraq who’ve lost a parent, a sibling, or a leg.

I also suggested that Bosnian kids might like to have a Slobodan Milosevic doll, and the African kids would surely have hours of enjoyment with their own Idi Amin doll.

Unbelievable… … iator2.htm


hey micheal,

i saw that piece on meet the press also. the doll does resemble the prez (included is the exaggerated cock piece that is a peculiar aspect of the original uniform). very ancient idea being pushed. and i’m quiet sure that the iraqi children have made their own version of said dolls already.

What I want to know is if they’re “Voodoo Ready!” If so I might pick one up myself and a couple of pins! :evilfun:

— We used to be honest about war. When Kings went out in ancient Mesopotamia, they told the populous exactly what they were going to do (we are going to get slaves, steal this technology, etc), today it’s the lie du jour. GWB is a coward.

Can I get an Ashcroft doll to go with that? Will he be giving them away at his little tour?

Metavoid wrote:

We had a town-meeting this past week here in Vermont on the topic of the so-called “Patriot Act.” The meeting was held on the same day that Ashcroft kicked off his nation-wide tour. Our U.S. Congressman, Bernie Sanders, hosted our meeting. Bernie noted that while our meeting was open to the public, Ashcroft will only be speaking to select crowds (i.e. ultra-conservative Republicans and uniformed police and military personel). This is Ashcroft’s idea of democracy; he speaks and the audience stands to salute. Shades of Nürnberg? … 511dn.html


The Gods and Guns of Godvernment reign supreme in our war impoverished World…

lol, look what I found on Take Back The Media

Service Record?

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It’s not hard for one to understand someone vehemently anti-war dodging the draft, but for someone like Bush pukes.