Had a dream last night, dunno what to do...

I had a dream last night.
I dont know what to do about it…

It was sort of like this:

Last night i had a dream that i kissing a girls mouth. I was holding her beautiful face, my eyes were closed, and i felt all of my… some sort of power flowing from my hands into her head. It was more then a word spoken or a song that i sang. It was far more then that. I had to stop myself from dreaming of it. I could not handle it. I woke up. There is no greater feeling. I felt a burning power in my chakras, and each one leading up to the mouth. I was mesmerized. I had to try to let go of it all. I don’t really know what to do. I could try to re-rout my emotional energy… I think that the dream i had meant more then it felt. I never had a dream like that before, ever. Breathing is something all animals share. It has a deep root and a deep meaning. The air that i breath out feels different when i am feeling and remembering the dream.
In that dream of mine, i was not completely human, and neither was she. We were like deities… I still remember the feeling. What is there to do other then attempt to understand? My greatest limit is my mortal body.

Any… “advice”?..

Dan~ wrote:

That sounds like an extremely beautiful dream. First piece of advice I can give you. When concerning dreams, there best interpreted by your own thoughts. Use your intution. What do you feel it meant or represented. Your feelings will tell you, and you will make sense of it according to how you should. Dont be afraid of anything you feel, it will invariably be correct. I mean who else can give meaning to your own dream but yourself? So, I dont think there is anything else to do but to attempt to understand, and your attempt will have to be the best it can be. If it becomes a recurring dream, then you will obtain more and more meaning from it. More so, begin if you dont already to interpret all your dreams, they invariably reveal to you many things, deep hidden thoughts that are closer to the depths of yourself than any conscious focus can bring about.

The limit you speak of, is only a limit because you believe it to be so. But for some reason, I believe deep down you dont believe you are limited by such a body. You know there is more to that physical body, you refer to chakras and energy, you know there’s more to it than whats seen.

I want to attempt to interpret the dream, it seems fascinating, but I know that in my attempt I could possibly come close, but not nearly as close as you will with yours. Its your dream. Attempt to understand it how you would any allegory. But its also possible, this is a premonition. Dreams usually fall under these six categories taken fromhttp://www.plotinus.com/zhine_tibetan_dream_yoga_part2_copy.htm:…

I think its pretty obvious yours fell into one of the last three. I think you should take it from there.

Also, I would suggest that you train yourself to lucid dream. This will allow you to grow spiritually more than you could probably imagine. In being able to control your dreams, you can go anywhere, and explore anything you need and gain knowledge for your spiritual growth. Go wherever you want to go, and you can. Whats more important is the nature of reality as compared to dreams. Reality in itself can be considered an illusion, as we are often compared to being asleep while being conscious in it. In order to help you lucid dream. Periodically focus on the possibility of all this being an illusion. Ask yourself throughout the day is what your seeing and feeling real. I mean when you really think about it, our dream lives feel just as real as the ones were living. So asking yourself this question isnt too far out. More importantly, asking yourself this will not only help you wake up in your dreams(cause when you ask yourself the routine question of “Is this an illusion”, you will definetely realize its a dream at that point), but it will also help you wake up in reality.

Talk to you soon!

I’m quite sane. I respect my limits as i attempt to expand them.

Only if understood and acted upon properly.

Really? It depends how you use your lucid dream. What if you don’t want to feed your trust into less-then-sane dreams? Unlike spiritual thrill seekers, i’ve been trying to lucid dream for the sake of more sanity instead of the sake of more insanity. I don’t like “spirituality” anymore. I like facts. I want a balanced, calm and natural soul. I honestly don’t care if it feels more pleasurable to be so “spiritual”. Perhaps i “worship” “sanity”?

I already know the “meaning” of my dream and my emotion… Thats why i let go of my feelings then and there. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t fun,but it was “right” for one who loves peace more then pleasure.

The dream was
About the act of
The methodology of
Expression, emotion and energy of
On the level of hetrosexual
And wholistic essence.

I knew it well.

Dan~ wrote:

Spirituality will bring you this. I dont think you realize it, but your notion of sanity, may be to someone else completely insane. You are a very spiritual being, whether you realize it or not. What appear as facts to you, are derived from…? Understanding your body to an extent to where many if not any at all have gone before, your the only one who experiences these things, and if fact, which I do believe so, realizing the whole gamut of possibilities, whos to be insane? If so experienced, by you and only you, and not to be nearly touched by others, who would they consider insane? Sanity, my good friend, is what you worship, but what do you get? You’d be better off exploring the entire realm, and knowing it all. You could consider yourself sane within your own insanity, sane because it is indeed your experience, and indeed real, insane because those outside of you cant and dont understand. But whats the truth? Can you really know for sure? I think you can, but it doesnt present itself as a choice.

This reality, this experience, this knowledge, is it real? Are the possibilities endless, if so, is what your seeing, real? Ask yourself, are you in an illusion, are you an illusion, your dream felt real, did it not? Some of the feeling you experienced in the dream, has carried over? Which is the more real reality, or are they just as real as each other? More so, how do you know, check the possibilities.

Girls are generally even better kissers in dreams than they are in reality…

I’d be willing to compensate.