Half the screen

On the main menu page half of the screen is totally white! All the forums are on the left hand side margin! Is this happening to anyone else? This is the first time it has happened to me.

Very strange :frowning:

Yep, I’m getting that as well. However it doesn’t appear to be affecting any other part of the site…

Very true. All the forums seem immune, just the index page.

Very odd.

Maybe this is something that only the initiated or the worthy can see (like in Andersen’s story, The Emperor’s Clothes)

I must admit, though, that on my side of the Carpathians, everything looks normal.

Hrm, oops. What browser are you guys using please?

If it’s Internet Explorer - check you have the latest version (Help > About Internet Explorer > Version 6.0 + )

Then, flush out your cache (Tools > Internet Options > “Delete files” button under ‘temporary internet files’ header.)

Then close, and reopen Internet Explorer.

If you’re using Mozilla firefox or a gecko-type browser, check you have the latest version (recently updated for security exploits). Close then reopen your browser, or even reboot if you’re running off windows XP.

Then tell me if it’s still messed up…

I’m at work so I can’t restart. But for others using Firefox, clearing the cache and all that didn’t work for me. I’ll restart and see if it’s still happening tomorrow.

I am using firefox and it has now happened to me, but only on the index page.

ok, what adverts do you see, and where are they?

You guys are losers! You have no idea what you are talking about…the problem is obviously on your end of things! :imp: :imp:

…kidding. I’m suffering from the same issues. :smiley:

Please fix it Ben; it looks rather odd the way it currently is. :wink:

Have twiddled with stuff, has it fixed things? If not Obw and I will have a closer look tomorrow.

  • ben

You are a genius Ben! It’s back to normal. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Everything is back to normal now!! Glad I mentioned the problem - for a moment I thought my computer had caught some irritating bug - like a mild cold, or worse, the flu.

All is swell!!

Bird Flu for computers…

Hmmm… There’s a story there somewhere…

Seems fine now, but the adverts have dissappeared…

you dont see any ads at all now?

I see the ones at the top and the bottom, but the sidebar of google ads linked to the thread topic(s) seems to have gone. This may have happened weeks ago and I’ve just been too drunk over Christmas to notice.

Ah ok, yes that’s deliberate.

Woohoo, everything’s back to normal.