hamas and elections

Actually, Imp is correct, but so are you. Both have been discredited numerous times. Hum, the debauchery of powers eats away at all societies.

At the moment the fur is flying regarding Aleto, he will get the nod.

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What exactly is the difference between acccepting the U.N., and say, accepting a democratic republic?

Thanks for reminding about that emoticon thing, I really need to keep it in mind.

So, all the nations that have the possibility of waging a sustained war on us, wouldn’t do so. So your “peace talks won’t work…” mantra deals only with countries that cannot actually bring our downfall. Once we consider that this mantra is used as a reason why the U.N. will not work, and if wefurther consider that the main players in the U.N. are the 1st world countries, one wonders what the hell you are talking about.

The U.N. is a collection of governments, not individual humans. This argument would be better suited against individual governments, because it is irrelevent as an attack against the U.N.

International co-operation= Utopian slave world? You didn’t answer the question.

Thank you.

Are you refering to some kind of slippery slope, or did I say somewhere that I proposed a world government that will dissolve the nation-state?

While this point really doesn’t matter, I will highlight it, just so you can see how dense you are.

It began with you asking how many resolutions Israel has signed, as if they weren’t bound by them if they didn’t sign them. I responded with two resolutions that deal with the Palestinian problem, and which happened to create Israel itself. You then said that the U.N. is a sham, and has no authority, but they should have went into tel aviv long ago. I responded with the following.

Just so we’re clear, the U.N. doesn’t have authority over Israel or any other nation, but given this lack of authority they should have exercised their authority in Israel?

If you’ll notice the question mark at the end denoting that I am mocking your inconsistincies about the authority of the U.N.

When did the Cold War end, was that not a significant turn of events in regards to international co-operation?

the cold war never ended. the ussr collapsed, but they weren’t the only cold warrior…



U.N. constitution: “The powers not delegated to the United Nations by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the Nation-States, are reserved to the Nation-States respectively, or to the people.”

What’s next, minimum wage workers counted as 7/15th of a Mcnugget?

Wall-Mart procures breeding rights to China.

minimum wage? LOL…

rights? LOL


The real issues that the election of hamas illuminates and has thus far not been discussed are 1) Democracy, i.e the unchecked will of the masses under the guise of freedom, leads to tyranny. Remember Hitler was elected.
2) The majority of palestinians support terrorism.

This is assuming, of course, that the election was fair and not the result of George Bush manipulating the elections via his friends at diebold who sold fraudulent voting machines in a diabolical attempt to create another regime worthy of “change” which would be helpful in continuing the vast zionist conspiracy of expanding israel and gaining further control of middle eastern oil which will be necessary to fuel the underground bases located under the denver airport which is where the next plot to rule the world will be hatched.

LOL, I peruse Haaretz too. What is so amusing is the lambasting it receives from many Israelis. Haaretz is not the voice of Israel, it is fringe, just as the right-wing Arutz Sheva is fringe. Currently, Ynet appears to be the most popular media source in Israel.

The following is an article by danite, and allows responses. Read the responses too for insight.


LOL, you really do not understand the significance of the end of the Cold War do you. Then you call Imp dense? Please, this was huge, and Europe and China are still reeling from the impact. Just the news in the UK regarding Polish immigrant workers is making an impact. Not only that, Russia has still not even come close to recovering after the Soviet fall.


Kind of like the Supreme Court - what has evolved to become the highest authority in the pioneer Democracy. You can imagine my reluctance to accept this as a definitive difference…Not to mention this whole electoral college thing.

your response has zip to do with those quotes.

I have said little about Israel, and what I have said, was simply to prove a point about what Israel has and has not signed.

Yep, their’s nothing wrong with what the U.S. has done, they’re just trying to look good.(as per my promise) :laughing: :laughing: :smiley: #-o [-X :laughing:

So do you propose no government, or do you plan to overlook “corruption” in the governments that lend themselves to your ideology. It has to be one of these, if you’re using that as an argument.

victory goes to the victors…

I already explained why Imp. was dense(see ‘has zip’ above)

Tthe only reason anyone could possibly want to object to the Iraq war, is because of greed. :smiley: :smiley: :laughing: :laughing: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Aren’t the Europeans just making sport of these poor Arabs. Literally. Palestinians have no money, no tanks and few allies who would really back them. The Arab world is just a diversion for Europeans.

“Hmm, no good football matches on the telly, so lets blow up an Arab country.”


I tend to support industrious people, who have done no wrong, but have been terribly wronged.

Yes, we have our share of corruption, but so do the other nations of the world.

Why do you overlook them?

Sure, we try and look good, just as most European countries do with high unemployment rates, the recent riots, and the fact that it is damn difficult to fire an unproductive employee. They try to look great and slam the US to do so.

You discuss corruption, ah look at what is happening regarding Abramnoff, Enron, etc. It is all over our news.

In contrast, the day that 48 of Chirac’s ministers were being indited it was buried on the last page. Page one was a full page anti-Bush rant.

Get real, they are all bad.

Chuckle, they will lose our aide, then scream to the UN regarding this. The UN may or may not give them aid.

The point is they are sworn to destroy our ally and would like to destroy us as well.


Well in that case lets all just stagnate where we’re at, and allow the status quo to reign for the rest of human history. Yay for shitty political systems - just as long as we don’t appear progressive or have to surrender our Maverick mentality.

Ah, the Games Afoot Watson. This game has occured in human history from the beginning. At least we have media sources, and academics who will slam bs when the see it, previously this seldom occured.

Stagnate?? The game creates a great deal beyond subtrefuge and negotiations. Look at our technological advances. We play the game, as do all other countries. Just know it for what it is, albeit with high consequences if we lose.

Chuckle, I am far from a status quo person. Do not believe in PC bs, the founders were White males, so what? It is a fact and revision does not work on this count.

Regardless, Bush knows our media will be all over him like flies on shit if he misteps, and he has. Many sources, and our politicians describe him as “A president who misled the people.” LOL, after they promoted much of what he said, but seemed to forget their words as the insurgent attacks occured.

Now they are bashing the Danes regarding the recent Mohammed cartoons. Death to all civilians who live in the lands that publish these cartoons.

Nice, civilized group!


Just because they have different cultural values doesn’t mean they’re not civilized.

Sorry, wrong word. Hum, how about a Nice peaceful group? Albeit, you are correct, civilization was the wrong word entirely.

Look, even if 1% are radical this adds up to what 12 million violent people we have to contend with. Get the drift?


They have to contend with them too. Get the drift?


Democracy: Government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives.

?!Democracy?!:Government by WHATBUSHWANTS , exercised either directly or through BUSH !?!?

Facts of life when living in a Democracy. I just deal with it, and accept the popular vote, quite different in many other nations. If you have a problem with this, find another land to live in. And, no, I never voted for King George; I just accept the law of the land.