Having a good life,
and being happy,
are two different things.

So many would assume that a good life is a happy life.

That’s all just brain chemistry.

The first thing on my list of having “a good life” would be to be happy. I can’t imagine a good life without happiness.

A good car would mean that I am happy with it.
A good job would mean that I am happy with it.
A good pet would mean I am happy with it.
A good spouse would mean I am happy with her.
A good house would mean I am happy with it.

There is a happiness (joy) that gets you through dark, chaotic, or lack of feelings because it (happiness described by self=other love) is anchored in what never changes, even though it is creative.

This is true. We do not often recognize that we have a good life because we are more focused on what we do not have which we want. We are never satisfied. It is never enough.

Perhaps not so much about brain chemistry as not paying attention, being observant and seeing what is right in front of us and around us…being grateful. Everything is not about brain chemistry.

Do you see a difference between joy and happiness, Ichthus ?

What is it that never changes? Happiness can come and go in a minute.

Are you saying that self-other love never changes? What is self-other love? Is it like the Golden Rule?

I don’t think of happiness, joy, or blessedness as a fleeting feeling, but an anchored satisfaction or emotion that (re)interprets feelings from the perspective of eternity/wholeness.

Brokenness can be viewed as glass a) half empty or b) implying or pointing to fullness. Even (especially) if the cup is overflowing with the trial.


Are you saying here that these above things never change for you? The experience of them is an ongoing and never changing constant?
True, these things are not necessarily “fleeting” but I do not think that they remain uninterrupted as an experience. There can be many things in life which trigger or act as catalysts for change for us. I do not mean to sound clichésish (?) but life is ever changing.

Brokenness to me can also be viewed as the glass itself being broken…not half full or full.

So what is it that you are trying to point out, to say, about the second sentence above?

I also imagined a shattered glass/cup, which reminds me of bursting wineskins. But. Unlike Humpty… the eggshells can be put back together again. Like a Japanese kintsugi.

As if it was always (eternally) meant to be broken so it could shine forth like gold.

Yes, there is change subsumed in (and implying) wholeness… though our grasp of wholeness is never fully complete. Which is fine. We’re subsumed for a reason…and should likewise reason/purpose. Immovably.

And if we should lose focus and move away from that… we can move back… refocus to it.

We may not know which way is up/north, but we wouldn’t feel the disoriented dissonance if there is no up/north. I could go on & on…

Yes, feelings do change, but if you have an eternal interpretation, there is a peace that stays you.

Sometimes from a distance. If you register.

Happiness [and depression] begins and ends… with the serotonin and dopamine that is created in the gut -brings a whole new meaning to the Olde adage ‘grumbling stomach’.

•Serotonin provides feelings of happiness
•Dopamine is the feel-good hormone
•GABA [gamma amino butyric acid] decreases feelings of stress and anxiety

All of these are located in our gut, so no wonder IBS and other digestive ailments cause misery and despair to sufferers… the state of what we eat/the foods available to us, reflecting the state of our minds.

That’s just body/affect under a certain interpretation, though. Interpretation is important, and so is focusing on the Good, so it directs your chemical impulses (counts them all joy) rather than acting on them.

Focusing on the good ain’t gonna help, when there’s very-little or nothing to redirect… is why they invented anti-depressants. Isn’t counting them all joy, and so turning them all into joy, acting on them?

What I said is sound… being internally chemically-balanced, makes for an optimal human and health.

Modern foods disrupt the gut, hence modern anxiety and woes… a global pandemic. And yet they ain’t doing anything about that/chems in consumerables and jabs… coz there’s no money in it.

In a sense they determine or are conditions for the possibility of that particular act of counting them as joy. Joy itself does not depend on them—any context will do.

Just because someone displays resilience, though, does not justify putting them through hell. I add that because I saw a rags-to-riches story shared by rich folk to justify leaving other folks in rags.

Righteous indignation and joy go together. If you lose focus on the Good, you’ll have neither.

One cannot have joy without the will to… the ‘will to’ not coming from nothing but something… ask anyone with nothing but a jar of mayonnaise in their kitchen, they will tell you that a jar of mayonnaise isn’t going to make the ingredients for a meal, magically appear, from nothing or nowhere.

Hormones maketh the hu-man, human… biology 103? …everything else will follow-on from there/from that…

We agree joy comes from a Something.

I’m not shaming anyone for not “feeling” joy apart from that Something.

Everyone has an origin story after which… the more it sinks in & grows, the less they hold against others (not to say they don’t call sh** what it is & protect others from it—including their own when they see it).

Except you, I hold everything against you. Straighten up your act.

This is a philosophical discussion… or so I thought, and not a heart-to-heart natter about our ‘feels’.

This isn’t about my subjective I, but about an objective humanity… I was speaking in generalities, not about myself. You thought I was talking about myself/think I don’t feel joy? :laughing:

You know you’re on a philosophy forum, right?

Seeing what I said above, this is moot ^^^ you need to stop judging me/all, from your subjective experience from your marriage. Now it all makes sense why you don’t discuss but berate, with me.

From what was said in Origami’s Pedro’s Corner thread, you definitely are paranoid if you think that everything I post is about you… unless I actually say it’s about you, which I do when I am. :wink:

I’ll be giving you a wide berth for a while… reputations and impressions are everything to me, and you’ve been trying to paint me bad/negative/hating.

Look into your own heart and mind, not into others’, for there you will seek what you need.

See ya! :smiley:

Ok, misprojector.


You’re right, however, happiness is chemistry.

It’s not like one of those free-will things,
where you just will yourself happy.
That’s not how it works.

…and what a beautiful and joyous chemistry it is, too.

Nurturing a contentment, grows, and will then blossom/bloom into happiness, over time.