Happy Brithday Clariiiiceeeeee!

well, that’s pretty much all i had to say. we love you darling…old at last.


thank you babes

i’m so glad the general chat is still here…i thought i was going to have to pretend to know some things. (been away due to faulty mouse. too infuriating)


happy birthday

When I first came to ILP I didn’t budge from the Philosophy board. At all. I was too afraid to go anywhere else. Now I’ve all but turned my back over there. Mundane Babble is great, not only do I get to b.s. without really pissing anybody off. But if I want to get into a semi-intellecutal conversation, I could. And every now and then the heavy weights from the Philosophy, Theology and Science boards do come down here to give us some of their input.

I raise my gobblet of ‘hip-hop’ to the Mundane Babble board.