Happy Face Murders.

Has anyone heard about this on the news?

Supposedly a group of killers are going around killing large numbers of people making their deaths look like accidental drownings where a happy face is imprinted at every death.

Supposedly this group of killers are so effective that they have the F.B.I. believing in their non-existence.

Pretty macabre. :wink:

( Also found out that by drowning people making their deaths seem accidental is one of the hardest murders for C.S.I. investigators to confirm by evidential science.)

Yeah, it’s fucked up. They seem to prey on popular drunk college guys. Typically snatch em if they are alone leaving a bar. So it seems.

Let’s do some profiling work, shall we?

The first of these murders was in '97. I suppose that someone who decided to do this would have had some background in forensics since their modus operandi was at the time well developed. This quality require one to be at least in mid 20s, which means that the person who did the '97 murder is probably in his late 30s or early 40s. The targets are popular [mostly white] college men, which might suggest that the killer[s] have had some sort of contact with college and men of this type, meaning that they probably went to college and maybe even finished it. I’ll just assume that, since white people are mostly the alienated fucks who normally do this type of shit. What else…

They find drunk college guys and take advantage of them in the pool, leaving with a smile??

Oh the irony.

If the killings began in 1997 and there have been recent killings than in all probability it is a multi-generational crime syndicate.

Check if any criminal groups saw any increase or decline in activity before 1997, and see if there is any recent activity in the correlating crime groups.

A faked accidental drowning is too specific. It must have some inside meaning. Perhaps someone is trying to send a message? to whom?

“rich guys” why do i automatically assume they are rich white guys…

If only whites have been targeted than it is probable that ethnicity is whaty ties the criminal group together.

The smiley face is too casual for extreme out of towners. i suspect english speaking groups with relatively young leaders.

If they started in 1997 at teh age of 35 then they are now nearing 50. Their sons probably do the grunt work now…

The key to finding out who is doing the crimes is to find out the significance of the smiley face…

It could be anything from drug wars for territory or scare tactics for corrupt government officials…

…are you sure it’s not you, Joker??? :slight_smile:

No he likes virgin sacrifice.

Nah, it’s not me.

The murders happened all throughout the United States versus myself where I don’t have alot of mobility.

Besides I like a little sport or challenge in my prey versus defenseless drunks. :wink:

( Likes a little spunk in his victims.)

( I will give the happy face murderers credit in that they have a style of murder that is very hard for forensics to track.)


There are plenty of non-white serial killers… [-X ( Stereotype.)

I’ll admit that I do like destroyed innocence. :laughing: