Happy Halloween

As of today, ILP has tolerated 2 years of my existence and I wish to offer my condolences.

You’re only getting 130 posts a year, that’s not gonna bother us much. Gotta try harder before next halloween. :smiley:

One of the best, Ed =D> . Happy Halloween… still no trick or treaters thankfully…!

I love the lil’ kids in their halloween outfits… they are so damned cute!


Hi Creation,

I’ll try to get more posts in, but I have promised my wife and daughter not to do my “scribbles” for at least 30 days. So, nothing too serious.

Hi Obw,


Hi Thirst,

I do too! My 10 year old went as a Geisha. Just perfect!

I was impressed with the turn out this year with how freaking cold it was here. Although, no snow like the past five years or so, crazy Colorado.

Also, I just realized that I’ve been here on ILP for over a year now, wow! That makes me feel old.

It was 13 degrees F here on Halloween. Pretty cold for the trick or treaters. Sadly I had to work til about 12:30 am doing inventory! :imp: Which sucks since it’s my favorite holiday.

I’m so sorry, did you at least get to work in costume?

I technically could have, but 12 hours spent cooking & doing inventory would have been unpleasant dressed as Darth Vader or something. :laughing:

Maybe, just maybe. :slight_smile:

A friend of mine who works at a pub had to work this halloween, she was dressed in a kimono.