Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. Hope everyone had a good night.

Happy new year :smiley:

I watched Jools Holland, drank cider and then had tea and cake later - it was nice :smiley:

I partied on duval street in key west, and watched a drag queen drop on a huge high heeled shoe. It was 88 degrees that say and sunny, and still nice and warm at night. Beautiful.

Hows the weather in London been Magjs? It is on average -2 C up here at the moment.

It’s f’ing freezing here too Hume - snow and minus celsius, so a good excuse to drink something to warm the cockles of one’s heart… i.e alcohol :stuck_out_tongue:

Er, Christmas and hot outdoor temperatures just ain’t right Smears - how did you know it was new year for sure, huh? :laughing: