Happy Pi Day!

March 14th, 3.14, a good day to celebrate. Wheeee! .


Does this mark the end of the world?

I did not wish to ruin the celebrations for pi day so I waited until today.

But I do think that if we are going to celebrate pi, we should also celebrate e. After all we only discovered that pi was transcendental due to the efforts of e.

And so with great solemnity I present:


Perhaps in the future we should celebrate pi(e) day together.


figured out pi yall…
…turns out it’s pecan

jonquil is partial to cherry, chocolate, and key lime by the way.

Hi Jonquil,

Next to ice cream, I like pies!

In particular I too like Key lime, but I really could eat almost any kind of pie.

Thanks Ed

Pi(e) alamode it is then. Yummm.

The 14th of March is American Pi day - not to be confused with the film of course.
For some reason they list the month before the day instead of being sensible and respresenting dates by ascending order of time period: day, then month, then year.

European Pi day would be 31st April, doesn’t exist. And 1st of May is already bagged by May Day - not to be confused with the distress signal Mayday (m’aidez) of course.
3rd January doesn’t count because 3.1 is a rubbish Pi approximation, though not as bad as the 3 they use in the bible…

However we don’t need aid, Europeans can celebrate 22nd of July as a better Pi day, since 22/7 is a better approximation of Pi than 3.14.
Also, Pi is a Greek letter that is European and not American. It’s actually pronounced more like “Pee” in Greek than the English/American pronunciation, “Pie”.
So eating pies in celebration is somewhat inappropriate, the celebration of urination would be much more apt.

e day (not to be confused with VE day: Victory in Europe day, 8th May; or eBay of course), as suggested earlier in this thread, would be 27th January in Europe. America would have to resort to 7th of February due to their silly date format, but 2.7 is a rubbish approximation of e anyway so why bother?

i day would be an interesting one to celebrate, but no date would really be that appropriate to do so on - thus we’re not really entitled to imagine a way around this (square root of minus) one on any date, even though said imagining would have fit the occasion very well if it had existed. But I guess i doesn’t really exist.

Thus proves the nihilistic denial of the self. QED (Query Elucidation Day).