Happy Thanksgiving!! (Americans)

Sorry other countries…this one’s for the Americans!!!

Which Americans? The Canadians, The Mexicans, the Brazilians the Chileians,etc. they are all Americans. :sunglasses:

The ones who killed the Indians.

You will have to be more specific. That happened on both American continents. From Canada on down to Southern South America.

Any of them who feel a personal bond with those who killed the Indians??

Geez you mean the descendents of anyone who killed Indians, who might feel guilty of something they had nothing to do with. That stll includes people on both continents and the largest countries on those continents.

Has it occured to you that we all have ancestors who killed others for profit. Why pick on just American descendents?

I’m not talking to the ones who feel guilty. This is more like a high 5 to the ones who are proud to have manifested their destiny. It might not seem like it from the illustration above, but think about a couple of guys calling each other “bitch” or “fucker”. It’s really hard to communicate on the internet.

Ahhh, Ok I get it. Wheew, thats a relief, it sure was not sounding like you. I was hoping you were not going to be one of those guilt mongers Although, they are fun to play with :laughing:

Fuck you then, Smears :evilfun:

For the Brits: Happy Got rid of our Malcontents Day! :smiley:

Thankyou :smiley: and happy Thanks-giving, Kriswest

I was beginning to feel left out :frowning:

I feel no guilt because I have killed no natives.

I hear that, Murex!

My ancestors chopped off the heads of the French, Spanish, and English: when they tried to conquer our island in the Caribbean, during the 1600s / the time of Columbus - I am very proud, and feel no remorse for the thieving swines (I, er, also adore my French roots, btw).

I dislike holidays. Don’t like being told what to do by the calendar.

A few years ago I was at one of those Indian villages (a replica with staffed Indians from a local tribe who explained to tourists what life for an Indian was like before “whites” came). I had a conversation with an old Indian woman. She belonged to this local tribe and was baking some cakes on a heated stone. She wasn’t very talkative (that morning, anyway), but I managed to engage her in a conversation. Anyway, the conversation eventually lead to how “evil” the white man are. They polluted water and trees, brought diseases (she said there were no diseases before, because everything was clean). She was also rather bitter of the fact that one of her sons became an alcoholic (and still was).
It was not a pleasant conversation, overall (but understandable, I guess).

This is the village I visited.

Take heart you have time yet. You have managed to kill threads. Does that count? :laughing: :laughing:

Some body is always going to resent somebody else for something their ancestors did.

exaggerated by tax policies from the party of ressentiment