Happy Thanksgiving!

The very best to all and their loved ones.

I am sending everyone moonshine and smallpox infested blankets to show my thanks.

I’m celebrating by sharing my scrofula, typhus, typhoid, sysphilis, and bubonic plague with the natives. If that fails I’ll just negate all thier rights to their own land, and if that is not enough I’ll just burn down their teepees, and thank god for my deliverance.

God save the queen, bro. You know how we roll. Man the ships, chart a course, and prepare to sail!!

The Phantom Patriot

even communists?

Happy thanksgiving.
To Wendy and friends.
Survival seems easy right now.
Therefor i have a lot to be thankful for.

Second the motion, Dan.

So what exactly is the time line for pardoning the turkey only to eat it? How long does it labour under the false sense of security?
And who do you thank for having guns whilst the natives did not?

I fully endorse raising livestock for harvesting and consumption on the following grounds; humans are omnivores, and animals are excellent sources of protein and other nutrients.

But what I will not tolerate is second rate living conditions for our livestock and inhuman forms of slaughter so we can be ‘cost effective’.

We shall spare no expense to guarantee our livestock lives in a clean, exciting and fun environment while awaiting execution, and we shall execute them in the most painless way possible.

Verily, I say this.

And stop with the damn injuns already. They are subhuman savages and our Lord has decreed that our Lady the Queen be given absolute dominion over the erf.