Happy Valentines' Day Magic ILP!

Just want to wish you all a happy V-day from me to all of you.

If you are going to spend this Hallmark holiday alone, like myself, just toss one back because this day is really over rated anyways. In Japan on V-day the women give presents to the men, and a month later (March 14th) on white day the men give back. I like that idea better because I need at least three paychecks to recover from Christmas and the New Years celebrations!

I concur… Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I wish I could give all of you a big hug because I really enjoy being here- I appreciate having intelligent people to talk with.

It will be nice for me to spend the day with someone I love, an amazing person that both inspires and challenges me as I’m sure I do him as well. He helped get me back on my feet and got me creating again, which is something that I can’t define…I’m just grateful- he moves me… I feel like I found him and I found myself again. It’s hard to put into words.

I hope there are others of you out there who will be spending the day with your “special someone”, and if not, take Si-Muz San’s advice and throw back a cold one- it is overrated…

I concur also. Except don’t hug no zenofeller and its kind…

Awe- don’t be like that Pureasonist… everybody deserves a Valentine’s hug… It’s kind of like when I was a kid, for Valentine’s Day we made these mailboxes out of tissue boxes and everyone would pass out Valentine’s- the popular kids got the most Valentine cards and there was always one kid who would start crying because he didn’t get any (I say “he” because this child was always male as I recollect.) I had like 3 close friends in grade school- Jennifer, Chris and Phillip- those were pretty much all of the Valentines I was guaranteed to receive.

Phillip was the closest and he was also the “Dino Kid” (as in obsessed with dinosaurs, if anyone here knows what I mean). I remember one day Phillip and I got into an argument and we both left school angry with one another. I went home and I started to feel bad about it- I loved him, he was my best friend and my feelings were really hurt. So the next day I went to school after having resolved to swallow my pride- I was fully prepared to apologize to him. I saw him standing by this big tree, which was on the “blacktop” as we referred to it- it was completely surrounded by concrete, cracked by the growth of it’s roots. I went up to him and before I could say “I’m sorry” he said it first. I told him I was sorry too and then angrily accused him of having been prompted to apologize by his mom. He said he decided on his own because he was sorry.

Ok, zenofeller, consider yourself hugged…

(now, this is for zenofeller to read only: come here man, let’s knock you out)

To you, Babe : It was…mmmm…delicious.

Pureasonist : Leave Zenofeller alone. He’s a good guy. Peace.

Zenofeller : Where the hell are you?

Iloveu : Funny name, but consistent.

De’trop : You haven’t told me where you got that line.

Pragmatist : Great posts.

GCT : :cry:

Si-Muz-San : Very sweet.

Happy Valentine’s day to all.

Who else you wana add on???

She : Wake up and smell the coffee.

Ben : Umm…yeah…thanks for having this site.

Impenitent : One word----cogent.

Beemer : Rust. :stuck_out_tongue: j/k

Zenofeller: let me knock you out man.

Imp: you lack cogentness.

Smooth: very gay.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Pureasonist: no? but I look maarvelous…

happy v-day everyone


I wonder if they will celebrate valentines day in Iraq in 50… umm I mean 60 years.

Lets hear it for Americanization. Maybe they’ll play baseball as well.

Best wishes to you all on this day. Thank you for your kind words arendt, we aim to please :wink:

big hippy hugs all round,






Attention ILP:

I am now accepting applications for “Valentines.” Anyone who thinks they might qualify by meeting or exceeding the requirements for that position, feel free to apply within this board.

Not limited to gender. No sexual activity required anyway, so if any fellas need love, “I’ll be the one,” I think the song goes.

Good luck.

I’ll be your Valentine De’trop… I’ll dress up like a show girl, lace stockings… panties… silky corset… and do a little dance for you!

You need not know whether I am male or female- I’ll make you like it! GGGRRRR

I’m affraid this is impossible, sir/maam. If, however, we were going to engage in only a fictitous display of sexual behavior in a post exchange, I might try to improvise a little for creative fun.

If these exchanges were to evolve into actual sexual encounters, you would indeed need to be a female, as I am as heterosexual as it gets.

I don’t putt from the ruff, but you can wear stockings if you like.

Happy Corperate Greeting Card Money Making Scheme Day, by the way.

You people are quite funny! I think I’m about to change my name back to Smooth.

Anyways, why am I gay?

Forget it, this the babble place, we’ve all got the right to rant around…

just curious as to why he would call me gay…

I don’t care… :confused: :wink: