Happy Valentine's Night

I say this only to you,
Because I want it only to be heard by you;
I say this to on one else,
Because I think it would sound pretentiously gross.

I miss you second mostly this day each year,
On a new year’s eve tears with the sneer:
I lost yet another year of my life!
Ought I to live the coming one as the same?

What a question that is!
How naive for I thought there was a choice;
Why would I not feel that way?
Hundreds of nights silently passed away

When the starts shine most brightly,
Comes the pain most unbearably;
Wise men say they come from past times,
Can’t I return, without lynching memories?

So cold in the soundless dark,
Alone sitting by a motionless rock;
Sanctuary is deeply in want,
Alas, could only find the void blunt!

The sun rises first in the morning,
My sight is light dazzling;
The frost from last night does not melt,
My heart feels slept not.

Hours so dull,
The whole day with no smile;
Had only the courage,
To move a pen across this page.

What use has a poem?
If not written to send charm!
Why ink the paper never to fold?
In vain, none should ever be left untold!