Has anyone ever done this?

My girl got mad at me and threw me out with no car, no money 30 degrees outside. I could have called someone to come and get me, but i decided to make up my own little sign. It read: WILL WORK FOR WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, TRUTH, OR ANSWERS. I then walked to a busy intersection where the homeless stand and beg. I stood there for hours. It was fun to see the look on peoples faces, although I didn’t learn anything, It was really cool. Then the cops came. They threatened to lock me up for “criminal trespassing”. However, what if the sign read MEDUIM PIZZA $5.99? What would it be then? All the pizza places here pay people to do that very thing. The lady cop ended up giving me a ride home. I told her I would go to jail if I could get some answers there.

They will be telling that one round the police station for a few weeks to come, I expect!

Dave, is that a true story? If so, it sounds like you have been going through some tough times for the last several months.

However, if you invented the story it was great, but I suspect that you didn’t.

true story. I did it again the next afternoon when she threw me out again.
I have been lying low since, washing her feet so to speak, it is really getting cold out there. Walgreen’s was horrorified when I said I was going to do it to get the money for her $135 perscription, that I could not afford. It is really neat, I feel very good about doing it to benefit others.
It is strange, can suffering be fun? kind of like if you enjoy what you do for a living, is it really “work”? I am just sick of the daily routine, get up, go to work, eat, come home, watch TV, and dream of the day I serve out my sentence. Just like prison. So as I have very little in the ways of money, I do have freedom of expression, and freedom of speech. I intend to take advantage of these to the fullest. How else can I make memories in this dull routine we call life? Best of all, I am helping people too. (Walgreens found out a way to give me the medicine for free too.)
I cannot describe with words how much fun, and good doing this makes me feel. Sure is better than beating her up, or arguing with her.