Has Man been redeemed ?

Very simply, my idea is that there is a parallel between the idea of karma, and the idea of redemption, in that, redemption can change the veritable evolutionary spiritual advance from animal to Man, through the intercession of higher powers of realization.
That soul is all pervasive, among all creatures, it is the will-to power, which is of a central focus of mechanism which ultimately determines the process of escaping the realm of animality, of creatures which can not determine their fate, since they did not reach a level of worthiness, that enables them to control their destiny, or they once had it, but devolved through loss of that control.
The psychic loss, as a baseline, is, the loss of paradise, which is the state from which, all creatures establish as an evolutionary state of perfection and unification with God.
That Man seeks this state above all, is not negated by the anthropomorphism of the High Power, and it is of the highest symbolic use of the power of the will to get himself out.
There is no difference, whether the God is an anthropomorphic indulgence or not, even at the point of self indulgence, the narcissistic self description becomes differentiated from it’s objective transference, to the level of conscious objective self realization.
That is why myths are transcendental, and that is why the flow of ideas in time are not unsubstantiated by the spatial argument consisting of the geneologycal disassociation.

The lack of memory, between maximum and minimum gaps within the flow, is the mechanism, whereby, the central object expands and vanes, in pursuit of the meaning of faith.
The God, has to be created, as a Being, to overcome a total unconscious existential nihilism, or a reversion into the animal soul, -de Anima,-
and land in Hades, which is the place of total abandonment.

Consciousness , develops primarily as a leap, of faith, by a huge initial burst if energy, from the unconscious/subconscious level of total disconnect, into conscious realization into the necessity, that there is no other way, than making this tremendous leap, and seeing energy as the tool by which the will can be reformed and bring about the state, where the mirror images of both states are actually realized as being one.
The abthropormism has an erotic base, it consists in a manifold objective sense of the transformative power of that energy, which is caused by fear, the animal fear of unconscious existence.
Man does -did attain this, and he did reconfirmed it by deliverance of the Highest Power available so that He can move forward in His Eternal evolutionary path: from fear and darkness, toward the light.
Animals live in fear, fear of each other, but can not focus their power, a will to overcome their animality.
The constantly disperse their power to focus that energy, by their dissipation, because they are unable and unwilling to form the object of love, from the subject of mere desire.
Faith can be internally described, but the price is ultimate subjective experience of total futility. The darkness of that night of the soul is
the price each being has to pay, to repossess his eternal soul, and then that object becomes the method by which redemption can be internally regained.
Christ did realize this, I believe, and his effort was so self consuming , that He did bring that salvation within reach of everyone, not merely those who do experience the 'Dark Night of the Soul.
It does take an incredible effort to realize, that yes, He did bring the possibility if salvation to any man, but it is that man , who has to Dr elop that faith , by belief.
Evolution videos not happen naturally, it needs a super natural burst of faith to realize it.
Once it is perceived for what it is, by whim it is , then, there is no ABSOLUTE going back. Temptation can pull back gains made, but once a base line level is established, the miracle of conscious faith has been earned and regained eternally.

How it works:

Once the flow of certainty is interrupted, the gap between faith and belief is suspended, existentially and a paying abyss reveals it’s self.

The nihilistic cynic is not be, supported by an ‘epoch’.

But nature will not go for it, and IT, will go underground, creating an object , a ‘trabscendental’ object. That object, once an objective, a spiritual objective, becomes a material object, on it’s surface, and a severe revaluation occurs.
In Catholic belief, it is called transsubstantiation, and consists in practice of Jesus view That the soul could only be understood by most believers in material terms.

Even that was insufficient to convince people of certainty, of the possibility to regain the flow, the Gestalt of belief, hence the need for miracles.
Even overwhelming evidence for the redemptive power if the miracles, even though many Saints account for their propagation , the number of sceptics overwhelmingly reject the notion.

The objective transcendental to deliver us from the chasm, the a priori synthetic, was diluted categorically, as German mysticism waned in significance. Martin Luther was more a product of a guilty conscience, rejecting his real father’s deeper inflections, than someone who had a dark night of the soul experience, or, he saw Jesus as someone more in terms of Dostoevsky’s Fr. Zossima in Brothers Karamazov where the though was pre-figured that His(Jesus) efforts have failed.