Has the Internet had its day?

Although the English were more originally the Anglish in western Germana (the Latin word for “Land of small tribes” from which we got the word “germ”), there was no actual “Germany” for many years. None of the Germanic tribes referred to themselves as “Germans”.

And the Anglish were stationed as the “Western Corner of the World” by Moses to be the “Angels”, “messengers of god” establishing the trade language, now called “English”. And when the Americas were discovered, the “Angels” were stationed again to the far West to become “Los Angeles” or “The Angels” assigned to be the messengers in the new form of films, “Hollywood”.

The world has been more designed and connected than the masses have ever known for centuries. Every major nation and event in the world is only there by ancient design, slightly modified during the “Enlightenment Years” to speed things up a bit.

The Aristocracy and Royal Families are merely Apes with secrets.

The Internet is no different, as you have pointed out.