Have we ever been free? If so: Can we get our freedom back?

Some are more free than others. This sentences shows that freedom can only be relative.

And currently freedom is approaching zero.

I know you mean human beings, but that is not something I relate to as an “us”.

Freedom comes from intelligence and resilience. Most people are dumber than dogs, and they are free to a corresponding degree. They dont know what freedom is and would die of shock if they found out.

Freedom is a matter of relativity.

The personal pronoun “we” in my opening post should not hide this fact.

What kind of freedom r we talkin about here pal? What, freedom from causality, from obligation, from physical restraint?

So you are admitting that you have not read my opening post:

honored to be among such company except iambiguous. the majority of americans are like us. it’s your people that are in the minority.

Damn I thought there was just a poll. My bad. I should now answer thusly.

“By “freedom” I mean first and foremost the freedom of thought and speech.”

The answer to this one is yes and no. Whatever you think or say is not an act of freewill, but so long as something doesn’t physically restrain/prevent you from thinking and saying, you can be said to have that freedom. If you are able to do either of these you’d not be the cause of them, but free to do them nonetheless.

With the masks and vaccines example, being unfree to choose against them only means there may be some kind of physical restraint imposed on you for doing do, but that’s it. It doesn’t mean doing so is some kind of impairment of your freewill cuz there is no freewill.

But see this is the kind of silly shit people on the right baffle themselves with. I could name a hunerd restrictions already put on them by society and its laws long before masks and vaccines ever showed up, that they aren’t complaining about.

But us stirnerite anarchists don’t recognize this struggle because for us, damn near everything that moves is some kind of restriction already, so we don’t kill ourselves trying to figure out what restrictions are reasonable and what aren’t. They all suck. But what sucks most of all is listening to a conservative complain about some new restriction when all he does is what he’s told any fuckin way.

The soft rebellion of the republican. He fights tooth and nail about a mask when he’s already up to his neck in laws and restrictions. It’s only because he’s so lame anyway that it duddint matter if you add a few more (restrictions).

There is so much utter confusion in the conservative’s mind about what constitutes an ordered society and when/what restrictions are reasonable, he’ll only pick and choose restrictions that are inconvenient at the moment he feels like complaining.

bruh people do that shit in public view all the fucking time are you high right now?

like they’re ok with kids in schools wearing biulletproof backpacks and doing active shooter drills but a mask is tyranny.