Have you ever met someone..

Who was against having knowledge and high intelligence? I have a friend thats like this, I’m not sure how to cope with the idea. It pisses me off that someone is like that living in this world that i can’t begin to even think of a good argument against it. I mean has any philosopher ever had to answer this great big question lol?

I’m not against knowledge or high intelligence, but when I look deep into myself I realize that I know nothing, that senses fail, and that reason fails, and I’m left not knowing. In this way, through actualization, I’m against it. On the other hand, I crave concepts. I view this as somewhat of weakness, seeing as I still know nothing.

The Tao speaks of un-learning. I like the Tao.

I had a friend like that. Every time he got in my car I’d switch the ipod to “a brief history of time” and talk to him about it the whole time.

I think just about all of us know someone like that. A dear friend believed she was not smart because of bad grades. Parents and teachers constantly ground her down. So she became hateful and disparaging of education and intelligence.

Yes my friend has had bad grades and trouble getting through school. HIs parents didn’t ground him down though, his mom actually helped him with his work (as in would do some of it for him). Nevertheless his parents are both fairly dumb. And by dumb I don’t mean it as in people who are of low knowledge but not willing to give effort to thinking. I see it as a lazy trait. They are very closed minded and can’t see their own stupidity; so I can see where my friend gets this trait. Like I said though, and I’ve told him, you don’t have to be like this and you can get better. For now he will decide to remain a moron I suppose and act as if he’s not while at the same time giving no accreditation to anything of intelligence. In fact he seems to be repelled by it. He doesn’t even like the idea of apologetics for his own christianity, yet he will gladly use any out of date information or crazy idea from TBN.

I could go on all day about how many dumb things he does but I won’t. I will say it just bothers me most that he doesn’t see stupidity as a problem, and stupidity as most of us know is synonymous with stubbornness. I don’t have a problem with people who just don’t know, I do have a problem with people who don’t care to try and are against trying at all. Seems most of america at least is becoming this way. I guess people become lazy from technology and become lazy of the mind as well. It’s not ‘cool’ to be smart anymore. Who reads books? I guarantee you 95 percent of the social networking myspaces say “Books? Fuck reading, who reads”

I am sorry if I’m turning this into a rant but is this issue not somewhat important or am I in a delusion that people are becoming dumber?

I’m sorry, did you say this person was you’re friend? Just checking beacuse the friends I’ve made over the years would never get such ridicule from me.

Maybe you don’t care enough about your friends. Also, a friend who does not listen to friends advice or even attempt to try it, is not a very good friend at all. In fact its worse than confrontation of a problem, and believe me I’ve confronted him. He’s so dumb he can’t even comprehend what i’m saying; that is not an ‘insult’ that is the truth. In fact he’s called me the best friend he’s ever had; yet he wont’ listen on my advice to keep him from fucking up all the time. I’m a true friend, of course I have lots of ‘friends’ as Im sure you do. I however doubt they a. have as many intellectual problems as my friend or b. you don’t even spend close to the amount of time around them that i do with this friend. Also, I’ll add on top while your kind of attitude is exactly what i speak of. My friend is stubborn, it’s not like i’m talking behind is back and doing nothing. I’m trying to help him, i’m giving my time and effort to him and he blows everything off with a closed mind. This is the type of person who you give a scientific fact to and they say “thats not true, nope, that’s not fucking true” when they can’t pass half their classes, are having computer viruses for believing they won trips to new zealand, treating everyone like their shit because they don’t open their eyes to God, snorting gingko biloba, believing i’m the angel michael, saying they have horrible professors because they give him bad grades on test when he answers who was columbus and puts “a very wise man”. I could still go on, in fact I wasn’t even going to give examples but hoping for a little trust I had some fucking clue what I was perhaps talking about. I would think people with any intellect would just assume someone knew the situation between them and their friends and would be able to catch on to such a concept. Perhaps your just obtuse as well, but I’ll just leave that to perhaps for now.

Kill your friend. A gun and a few bullets will do the trick. It’s time to get rid of the bad apples. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Aim for his head. Bang.

I don’t see ridicule, Not once did he call him a derogatory name, he just explained how his friend is and what he does.

At least two comments on injuring or killing my friend. I’m on here asking for help on maybe a way to deal with this situation in a correct manner… please if you only have jokes keep them to yourself. I mean serious business on my friend, he’s the kind of person who almost killed me one time because he thought I was having an affair with his psycho girlfriend when she came to my house because she thought someone was following her. I called him up and told him to come over, that his girlfriend was here, when he got to my house he wanted to kill me.

He assumes things way to quickly, he can’t pick up on any jokes that have irony in them. He thought Steven Colbert was stating his real opinions, I also told him that was a joke and he wouldn’t believe me til later when he found out for himself; now he hates colbert. He still thinks man versus wild is real even though many people have told him he’s not actually out in the wild by himself. It’s the kind of stuff you’d think was a joke, but he’s serious.

So if this is in anyway starting to sound important. I want to know how to help my friend. How do you persuade someone like this? He doesn’t see his past errors as stupid mistakes because he doesn’t believe they ever happened when you tell them to him. Should I just say to hell with it? It’s too much strain on me to want to try and help someone do better when they don’t care about it. I just can’t take the stress anymore. I’m tired of sincerely listening to what he has to say. He doesn’t make jokes, he says everything as if it’s real and if I laugh or say your joking he gets pissed off and says watch me. Yes, friend, drop out of college move away and marry hilary duff… I believe you.

Typing up all this is making me realize, maybe I should just say fuck it. If he’s not going to be a friend to me other than say he cares for me as a christian, i’m just going to be done with it. I dont’ see why I should stress over it anymore. I haven’t made any breakthrough on him for the past 3 years.

If you have not made progress with him in 3 yrs, perhaps you are not the one to help him, to continue could harm you. It sounds like it is already beginning. While we are responsible in a way, to help, we cannot help those who can not accept our help. Can you move on quickly with out harm to either of you? If so, do it soonest. Otherwise work on it slowly give him a chance to wean away.


My friends are the way they are… Regardless if they have a desire to learn or not, I love them just the same. I have a friend that is just fine in his ‘beliefs’ and that is a topic that we avoid.

This is why I come here… :smiley:

What grounds do you speak of? Logic and reason? If logic, reason, empirical evidence, and rationality than I am right and he is wrong. I don’t quite understand what you mean anyway. Did you read what i wrote?

You see I believe in listening to people, truly listening. My friend is someone I listen to and try to understand, but his life is a contradiction. He says one thing does another. How do you continue to be friends with someone who is not willing to mutually work out there problems. Sure I have tried to just “avoid” things that cause clashing. But he insists on a response from me, he uses a double standard that I believe him and listen to him, and tell him how great his horrible ideas are. Should I lie then? I mean what the fuck do you to with someone who doesn’t know what the fuck their doing? I’m friends with rainman; except in this case I can’t dismiss it for being the fact that hes special. In fact my friend has no extra ordinary talents except for the unwillingness to understand mankind and yet bash it. Another example, we were looking for a place to stay one time. A hotel wouldn’t let us check in because we weren’t 21, that was the policy under the head company of the hotels in that city. We checked around and a third hotel we came to told us the same thing. The woman at the desk said she was sorry there wasn’t anything she could do, my friend replies with, “thats fucking bullshit, I’m old enough to fight in a war I’ve been fighting in iraq and I can’t get a damn hotel blah blah blah” and the lady at the desk has a son who was actually over there so this sparked an argument between them, he wouldnt’ even let her speak. She was trying to tell her side and he kept cutting her off and ignoring her. IN fact he’s never even been to a damn war, he’s never worked a real fucking job, he’s a lazy ass stoner for Gods sake who’s parents give him everything.

I would think after 5 years of knowing him (and yes 3 years i’ve tried helping him) I would imagine I know what the hell im talking about just a little bit. Not only this but almost everyone will agree a guy who makes the actions he does is a complete moron.

Yes, I can see the connection of the love you have for your friends. You’d let them walk off a cliff if that was in their best interest. Were not discussing love, I clearly love my friend. If I hated him I wouldn’t talk to him at all. I realize there is no hope for many people like that, avoidance is best in those cases. Again, I don’t think you quite understand. Our friendship is close enough to be a marriage. Im talking about “best friends” here, there is a huge difference between friends you hang out with a few times in the week and talk to regularly.

I don’t believe I am the one to help him anymore, you’re right. Credibility is not something he believes in. My life is full of wonderful pleasures. I have many great friends, I have great talents, I’m respected and respectful, I have a big future ahead of me. I do so because I work hard at what I do. I would think that he would believe me when I give him advice, but he ignores it and my advice is always what he ends up using in the end or says he should have done. He will make sure not to give me credit of that though. I could careless, but I wish he would use my advice sooner so that I don’t have to console him about all of these fuck ups when he comes crying to me for not listening to me.

I feel like im watching a person bump their head into a pole over and over and saying oww that hurt, but believing if they hit there head again it won’t next time. That has to be one of the purest examples of stupidity does it not?

If your advice , as I understand it right, would be to let go of any conversing that gets close to one of these topics right? I figure I can’t totally ignore him, but I can stop responding to him when he brings these topics up… I think that’s whats best. But yet I still feel like im not being a good friend by ignoring anything he brings up about jesus when he tries to convert me etc. But I suppose thats what I’ll have to do. Honestly, I have to say its’ like im friends with someone with mental retardation… maybe that is the case I dont’ know and I wish I did. And if that were the case thats what I should do then.

I’ve decided to do some writing, and in doing some deductive reasoning I feel the solution i’ve come up with is rebellion. Rebellion is what drives people to drive into dead end sign does it not? I can’t blame a friend for being rebellious, for with rebellion also comes stubbornness. Even though I have always firmly believed in people working on their shortcomings, I shouldn’t ask that a friend should hold this tenet as well. What I see as stupidity maybe he see’s as originality. Maybe in some small sense he believes in the truth that people who find secrets aren’t always the ones who listen to the common expert of choice. Coming to this realization has made me peaceful. I will continue to talk with anyone or anyone who has questions on this matter, but for now it’s settled for me.

we should talk about bad apples. Has anyone on this fucking site ever addressed the issue of stupidity in society? Is there a law against that? Surely you would not want to drive on the same street finding out that 50 mentally retarded people were going to be driving on that same street that day. In the case of south park we do need stupid people to do our dirty work, people who can’t think but can work hard. That is essentially why we have robots to do many of our jobs. Maybe someday stupid people wont have anything to do anymore but kill others for money and take what they need. People generally want leaders who are smart, not good at baseball. The animal kingdom works like this, maybe this could be one of our biggest downfalls. If some of you havent watched idiocracy, do so.

I have a small turtle as a pet and no matter what I do, I can’t teach it calculus. God damn turtle. Green piece of shit. I have no argument that it will listen to as to why it needs to learn calculus. I don’t know what to do. I’m hungry… I feel like soup… :laughing: