Have you..?

Have you ever felt that you wish you could be like the rest of society? That you wouldn’t have those persisting thoughts, able to relate and have a conversation on the “new fashion”, or whatnot. Or the adverse, have everybody think like you?

(This topic is for any question similar to this)

i think if everybody were like us and constantly talked about these big ideas we have, they would get old and wed run out of things to talk about hundreds of years ago.

ignorance is bliss, id love to love to talk about stupid crap like what i did today and how are the eagles and nice shoes they are so fashiony. its retarded, but apparently its very amusing. being amused is something i dont get enough of.

i remember hearing some guy talk about a tv commercial of all things, and it was some barely funny little twist at the end of it and he could not stop laughing, he said what happened literally more than 3 times and the nice friendly quaker was like heh yeah and stood there humoring him uncomfortably. which one of them would you want to be

Sometimes we try to conform to what everybody else is doing. If everyone thought like me, we would all be dead. Life is what you make of it. If you want to be like everyone else then there must be something about that appeals to us. The “Golden Apple” that tempted Paris so to speak.

Futureman, I have a strange ability to to put up a front which conforms to anyones ideas and ways of life after they talk for awhile… We have two faces, one to show the world and one we keep to ourselves. The whole time I am conversing about how I hate College football or whatever, I think to myself that I don’t really care, and when I finally do meet a person I can talk with who understands my views, It’s nice to let go. But all I can do now is conform, well at leats until I found this website.

Getting a bit mushy, Thanks guys though, this is my haven.

Maybe this is an example that for all our big ideas we are still shitheads. :wink:

Maybe not shithead, but quite possibly still insignificant.

Ignorance is bliss, so take your pick between suffering and ignorance. If you believe the goal of life is to suffer, then whoohoo! Take some prozak and you’re on your way to bliss. If you believe the goal of life is to do ‘things’, get things accomplished, or whatever, you probably want to go with suffering.