he and she

he once had a true love.
He was 17 She was 16.
he lived in new york.
she lived in florida. they met online.
a few months later, he proclaimed his love.
She said: I love you too.
his heart threw him out of his seat.
later that night, he rolled on the floor.

she had a boyfriend. “Asshole” made her cry.
he wanted to die. he wrote her a letter.
his one love letter. his only love letter.
She said she cried.

he decided to leave his city.
he took 500. it wasn’t his. he left a note.
he took the train, to manhatten.
he bought the ticket, at the terminal.
he got into a cafe, and found a computer.
he went online. she told him not to come.
she tore up the letter. he bought some pills.

he walked the city that week.
he walked through the crowds.
he openly cried. nobody noticed the tears.
he stopped shedding tears.

she called him in november. she was drunk.
he was 19. she was 18. she moaned his name.
he whispered hers back. she moaned louder.
he pictured her. she was on her bed.
she kept moaning his name. they met that week.

he took her around town. she faked a smile.
he took her to the park. she wanted a hug.
he looked at the trees. she looked at him.
he spoke of the city. she thought of him.
he looked up down left right. she looked at him.
he took her to the station. she gave him a hug.
he said: you’ll miss your train.

That is the all of it. The heaven and the hell of it. The most sweet and the most bitter moments of life.

The beautiful and hideous folly.

Nothing hurt us as much as love. But nobody would ever give back those experiences. Nobody would ever undo what was done. Even in failing at love we grow. We grow in ways that would be unthinkable without our heartache. Without suffering the sting that lost love brings us then we remain like a seed in a hard shell.

“If you ever found a man who had no scars upon his heart, then that man would be very shallow indeed.”

“The weddings of the soul occur as they occur”

                            - Wallace Stevens -

I’ve always loved and hated the reality of this line…


i like it, it leaves you with a lot of question. typical he/she experience but yet not typical and not stereotypical.

Thanks for the comments everyone.


You are so perceptive – it is simply incredible. You’re not an English teacher now are you? heh, anyway, glad you liked it.


I can only hope that you are right. But I don’t know enough to say that you are yet.