heaven and hell on earth

i would propose that heaven and hell, both, exist right here on earth…both are part of existence…

i believe it is very important to focus our attention to the earth heaven and hell and set aside the sky talk for now…

Well, go ahead and tell us about it.

i already have told you what i think…do you agree…all i can go on is myself…i have experienced both heaven and hell…
how about you phyllo…

Since the earth hangs in the sky we’re then talking about universe heaven and hell. So why do you want to bring it down to this speck of a ball in the universe?

You have a tendency to say very little.

v------i am directing this mainly at the hell we face on earth…too many people are looking to a sky-daddy to
fix things…i dont think that will happen…

Yes, and that seems to be very respectable in way. I think I cough up more words per post than anyone here, I just don’t know how to slow down.

Also, I agree with the OP.

So okay no sky daddy. And heaven and hell are our own making here on this earth? So why would we create hell on earth?

a lot of heaven and hell on earth is not of our making…we are screwed and tatooed…


Funny you should post about this… I was reading this earlier, and have thought we live heaven and/or hell in our every day lives since I was a child.

The reader comments at the bottom of the article are pretty funny :slight_smile:

dailymail.co.uk/news/article … world.html



Not surprisingly, there is more than one gate to hell.

Where should Heaven be? We’r out of options if it should be around Earth, sure Paradise was here, but Heaven?

But there are plenty of hellraisers.

…it then seems that it’s easy to find hell on earth but near impossible to find heaven, and yes… paradise doesn’t count.

So what denotes heaven on earth?

Nothing fits the description?

In life there are moments/times of heaven on earth. Love making to climax comes to mind. Oxytocin is so heavenly. And so do times at the beach. And some food can be even more heavenly than all that. There are times when even a drink of water is heavenly … same for warmth.

Isn’t it that fornication in the bible are described as sinful? It’s the great deciver that offers you plesure?

Can be, if done outside of marriage.

Wasn’t it only for making babies, and not for idle plesure?