As a concept does heaven make sense, it’s a simple question so I wont digress too much. However personally I think the Christian view of heaven is illogical, although I wont at this point say why, merely ask you to outline why or why not you think a concept of life after death in some form of bliss makes sense to you or does not.

If I am required to explain further I will, but I think the thread is best served by being obtuse atm.

In that case, it will be best served in the Hall of Questions.

Ah no, that’s like putting it on a milk carton.

Let it ride, let me explain myself when opinions are forth coming, this has enough scope, I can explain my reasoning.

You ruined this thread, please close it I shall take no further part in it. And nor will anyone else. Nice. Censorship in action, you don’t like the question you can’t answer it, so you move it somewhere where it will not trouble you, that’s piss poor dude, are you a man at all? Or just a mouse? That’s not moderation that’s you exposing your weakness for all to see.

Evreything you just said is cunt speak for, I am weak, I don’t want to answer this and I hate the question, and heaven help anyone who does answer this because I am watching you, laughable. If you can’t answer it say so, if you are so weak that you don’t want anyone else to, say so, but don’t hide behind lies because you can’t answer it, it’s but another fall of man. I will say this though your mediocrity only goes to show how right I was and how illogical heaven is. In a way, I suppose I “win” the argument, because you can’t or don’t want to, or for anyone else to, and are hiding under a big pile of abusing your power, you know it I know it, and now so does everyone else.

When you delete this thread as requested though please be sure to tick off the box that says I am unwilling to countenance anything that challenges my beliefs and am utterly biased to the point I can neither do my job nor, can I, respectably argue for it against anyone who has already read this. I don’t give a shit if you are an atheist, Muslim or a Buddhist, you’re a coward either way. Hell slap down a permanent ban it’s not like you care about anything but hiding your hypocrisy is it?


You asked a question, offered no thesis or argument to support your proposition and even admitted you were intentionally being “obtuse”. The Hall of Questions is a place for quick questions, short posts, polls of general opinion and for low-key discussion of serious topics. Therefore, categorically, the OP fits best in Hall of Questions. That’s why I moved it here.

Wow. Calm down dude. I assure you he didn’t mean anything derogative by it.

I don’t care the guys a cunt. totally ruined the thread because of his own personal biases. Fuck him.

And you should stop acting as an apologist for moderation that is shit, if I may add. Wanker that he is don’t apologise for his hypocrisy and stupid fucking mistakes. It just makes you as much of a fucktard as he is.

Fuck him he’s a slimy little lying hypocrite, why does this forum hire such useless fucking idiots every time. Get rid of one moron, replace it with another totally biased cuntard with a massive chip on his shoulder, who couldn’t moderate his own stupidity let alone moderate a forum. hire someone who can do the job, not some massive religious nut, or areligious nut, it matters not which, who will just shut down any argument if it doesn’t conform to his tired half assed biases because he can’t think about anything else but how right he is about fucking everything. Employ people who are human not fucking robots, it’s not that hard. Fuck me. I am tired of morons being hired in place of people who know how to be impartial and not total cunts.