I’ve always held that Mother Theresa was a hedonist. In serving others, she served herself, in giving of herself, she gave TO herself. She would never have endured the hardship of such sacrifice if, on some level, she didn’t get off on it.


Nasty statement.

It is premissed on the idea that no one can do good for its own sake.


Yes, she did serve herself by opening and allowing herself to “receive”. She may have gotten off on it but the question is what she got off of. I think we may disagree here.

Not really, it’s not intended to be acerbic or derisive. As far as the reverence of sainthood which surrounds the woman, it’s easy to perceive it as being irreverant, but that’s merely subjective.

Yeah, pretty much. While one’s actions may be beneficial to the social organism (read “good”), the motivation for such actions are still gratification. We do ‘good’ because it makes us feel good, albeit on different levels of psyche. We do good for our own sake, in the interest os self, in expectations of recriprocity. While one may give of themselves in aid of others, one’s empathy is where the self-gratification arises.


you could get off by stroking your dick or helping others. is one better than the other? if so, whats your point?


I think about this all the time. This is one of the major themes of my thinking for the past year. I always come back to this sort of argument when dealing with motivation as a whole.