Hegel: For or Against?

Thus far in my academic journey, I’ve ran into two distinct views on Hegel. I go to a small Lutheran college in PA that has relatively small religion and philosophy departments. Since I’m a Religious Studies and Philosophy major, I’ve been exposed to two different views of Hegel. The religion department seems to lean towards the thinkers in continental philosophy. On the other hand, the philosophy department is more heavily influenced by the analytical thinkers (but not entirely). There are two BIG Hegel fans in the religion department. One of my new professors in the religion department wrote his dissertation on Hegel and consciousness (…which seems odd to me but I’m certainly no expert). In contrast, the chair of the philosophy department said that he has very little toleration for Hegel. He also said that he has known the chair of the religion department (a big lover of Hegel) his entire tenure at my college and hasn’t understood one thing that has come out of his mouth. Personally, I don’t really have a love for Hegel. I haven’t really read Hegel a lot mostly because its extremely difficult to read at my current level. At any rate, I guess that its fair to realize his influence on some later philosophers (Marx, Fichte, and others).

With that said, what are you’re thoughts on Hegel? Fan or not a fan?


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and if hegel’s god simply didn’t alienate himself it would have been better… but hegel is great if you like spinoza… I don’t particularily care for either…


How can I be a fan of a man who supposedly said that even he didn’t fully understand what he said! But I guess that happens with innovative thinkers.

I’m a Thomist, myself, but I read just the other day Aquinas saying that the purpose of the universe is the truth. Take Hegel’s world-spirit as just that and not as God Himself, i.e. see the universe as eternaly playing catch-up with God, and you might have something a Christian can hold.

This, of course, is more of a Rightest-Hegelian way of thinking, as far as i understand. it.

I wrote a topic a few months back on these boards about whether Hegel’s “Master and servant” concept was related to Kierkegaard’s “Knight of Faith”. Someone said “no”, but if you’re into both, maybe you could give me some thoughts on that.

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I enjoy Hegel very much despite the fact that I disagree with him in many respects.

The Phenomenology is one of my favorite philosophy books. It is incredible. It will be one book that I will reread and reread throughout my lifetime.

Here is one of my favorite quotes from the preface of the phenomenology:

a popularity vote ! hegel would turn in his grave.

Hegel is shrouded in mystery and riddles.

Anybody who goes to give a lecture at a university and forgets to put both shoes on is not human.

I will say this. To fully understand him one can either shoot oneself in the face, die, and spare oneself the time it would take to develop into absolute spirit, or stay alive until one dies naturally, finally becoming absolute spirit.

There is no escaping his system. For lack of better words, he is God.

I can say no more.

alas, god (hegel) is dead…


just moved on to the land of questions in themselves imp

i would lean towards hegel because i think his ideas are more interesting than many. what do u think about sittlichkeit?