Heisman's suicide note....

It has come to my attention recently of a ''suicide" note
written by one, Mitchell Heisman… and while investigating it,
I came across some interesting things…

It’s very title is “Suicide Note” and should read as such,
but this “note” is over 1900 pages long… and even has its
own bibliography… which begs the question is this even
a suicide note or a doctorial paper written as a doctorial thesis…
as it is cold, bloodless, thin… it is a doctorial thesis, not
a suicide note… and the basic question is this, can we
reason our way into meaning in our lives? and the answer is
no, as most people, not named Plato or Aristotle, can
reason their way into the meaning of existence…

reason cannot, cannot give our lives meaning, purpose,
but it can lay out the ground in which we find existence…
and what gives our lives meaning? things that cannot be
reasoned/measured , love, hope, peace, beauty, integrity,
courage, kindness… to name just a few values which give us
our meaning/purpose…

I hold that right at the very beginning of philosophy,
Socrates engaged with us in very important motto’s,
one, know thyself
and two, the unexamined life isn’t worth living…
but notice he didn’t specify how we are to know thyself
or how are we to examine our lives? We can use reason
but we can also use emotions, feelings to discover
what it means to examine our lives… we can examine our
lives through whatever lens, or medium we choose, reason
or emotions… or as we should, through both lenses…

Heisman describes life through a disengaged, distant,
scholarly approach… with a bibliography… that isn’t a suicide note…
it is cold and impersonal… and it reads as such…Heisman isn’t
wrestling with life, he is coldly examining it… dissecting it as it were…
he isn’t engaged with the subject matter, his life… and I suspect that is
why Lorikeet likes it… by his own admission, Lori is a dilettante,
with no effort to engage with, to live with his subject matter…
and as Heisman makes no effort to wrestle with his life, to
get up close and personal with what it means to be human…
the path of philosophy is to engage with “blood, sweat and tears”
with philosophy, with what it means to be human…
Heisman and lori, like to stare at life from a distance,
with no engagement with it… which is a cold, distant,
bloodless way to philosophize… and which is why
Lori hates Nietzsche… Nietzsche, along with Kierkegaard
and Wittenstein, philosophize with their blood, sweat
and tears…and how did Descartes philosophize? cold,
distant, bloodless…and how did Spinoza philosophize?
If you have read Spinoza, you know the answer…
and how did Kant philosophize? You already know…
Even the dilettante Lori knows that answer…

Pretend to write a “suicide note”… is it cold, distant,
bloodless… or does it have the blood, sweat and tears of
your life within it?


By the gods, you’re another version of iamastupoiccunt…all you do is complain and critique.

Lead by example, old fart.
You’ve been here years…what have you done?

Just for the record:

ilovephilosophy.com/viewtopic.p … n#p2668399

See…she knows what he said and destroyed him.

It’s so easy for her.

Read her commentary…devastating.
Cuts right to the point.

This cunt is amazing.

She destroys and then walks away…leaving behind her ruins.
Such power, such style.
you guys are fortunate she comes here to teach you the power of nil.


Cold and impersonal?

The old fart didn’t read it.
He wants passion…blood sweat and tars…like what he offers here.

well, he offers farts, burps, and nagging…endless nagging.

He wants you to post a treatise so that he can piss and shit all over it…feeling superior as he wipes his arse hole with his own tongue.
his shit tastes, divine.

Resolved: “In some cases suicide ought to be mandatory”

[size=50][for example, the buffoons][/size]

Me for the affirmative.

This thread has taken a turn for the embittered-worse.

Lori is not the worst of the ILP-bunch, and yet you all denigrate He out of all?

K: and right on cue, insults… I wonder if you can write
a post without insulting someone? that may be worthy of
a bet… anyway, I do lead my life by philosophy,
but you can’t see that… but you can read my words…
my 11,000 posts or so… as it has been said, I can
lead a horse to the water but I can’t make it drink…
my “wisdom” is only water that I can lead you to, but I certainly
can’t force you to drink…I can only bring about the questions
of existence, I can’t make you drink them…if you wish to explore
them, I highly encourage it… my questions are different than
your questions, it doesn’t make them wrong and/or right, it just
means my questions are different…
and that is all I have, questions… and that is all I will bring you…
and anyone else who reads me… just questions…


are you asking me to stop insulting you?
Will you stop being condescending idiot?

Quid pro quo

How do you know what questions I’ve asked…or what answers I’ve found?

K: nah, insult away if it makes you happy, but at least ask
yourself, why is insulting people a “thing” for you? What does
insulting people do for you? I have found that most people who
insult others have low to no self esteem… I can live
with others insulting me because I know exactly who I am…
it won’t bother me because of that… as for me insulting you,
hay, you take out of the conversation what you bring into it…


It expresses my real opinion of them.

Imagine being a nihilist.

Then imagine being a nihilist and writing 2000 pages about it then kills yourself publicly in order to try and make a name for yourself.

That’s a lot of meaning-seeking activity. Pathological sure, but still seeking meaning.

Heisman has some good historical observations about the Norman conquest and all, but otherwise his diatribe is pretty lame. Full of errors, simplifications and false reductions. Just look at his first chapter on “An Experiment in Nihilism”. Funny stuff if you can get over the tragic aspect of it all. In my experience he appeals to the especially disaffected friendless Nietzschean types who can’t get good jobs or just seem unhappy despite their somewhat above-average IQs.

Do you even know why he committed suicide.
He tells you in the Suicide Note

Start here:

archive.boston.com/news/local/ma … t_harvard/

Of course, if you have any intelligence at all, you’ll acknowledge that the only one among us here who knows for sure why he did it is Satyr. Why? Because, well, is there anything under the sun that he does not grasp definitively? *

HumAnIze isn’t even in the same ballpark with him.


  • Far more important still, Satyr will explain to you how all rational men and women are obligated to react to his suicide. And to nihilism and, well, to everything under the sun.

K: after 1900 pages of an average doctoral thesis, you don’t
even care anymore…


So, you demand a written thesis and then you piss on it?
See why I will never, waste my time?

Let’s just assume you know what you are talking about, old fart.
Go to your death with that belief.
Who cares?

You are a commie, aren’t you?
Been there…done that.
Took me 1 year in my late teens.

My father was a commie, my grandfather died for his beliefs - executed.

But back then communism was a way of fighting against foreign domination and the excesses of capitalism.
Capitalism was, and still is code for Empire - British and then American Empire.
That’s what most communists died fighting, not this utopian ideology written by a Jew, to replace another Jew’s victim dogma.

Good luck, uh, reasoning with him.

Buffoons are made to be lampooned in my own rooted existentially in dasein opinion. :sunglasses:

You two have so much in common.
I’ve enjoyed your dialogues…where?

Dasein explains everything.