Hell, As A Mindstate

I believe for a living person as we know living. Is being without direction, especially depending on material things in life. Like drugs that make you drag other possibilitys into your basic emotions. But drugs that make you more outgoing, therefore seeing the real you a bit more then without, like this weird Indonesian pot I tried that made me more open about myself to myself.

Because from a logical point of view (sorry never died and walked with dead people) hell is never knowing the real you. Therefore taking orders from the Devil’s gifts like plastic surgery/money oriented also unnecessary, amphetamines, canadian to european to mexican pot, ect. The past sentence are just examples of things that help drag other things smothering your real emotions, like I’m caring for her because I’m high and nonchalant ect.

Basically the above was to show you a bit of where I’m coming from. but in the end hell is never knowing the real you/the basics of your emotions.

uh huh… So what is it that you learned about yourself?

Just my book smarts suck.

I always wondered just what the hell that means, to “know our real selves.” Which self is real? At what time? For example, let’s say you want to know what Carl Sagan looked like, just simply his appearance. What picture would you look at? Him at 10 years old? At 30? At 60? Which is the real him? Yes, they’re all him, but which is most him? As people change right up until they die (and then quite a bit more, at least for a year or so…), at what point are they at their most “real?” Same for personality. Which Howard Hughes was the “realest” one- the one who created the Spruce Goose or the one who kept his piss in jars in his house?

Do drugs ever help you get to know yourself? Or do they create a self that you meet while you’re stoned? If the latter, does that self exist independantly of the drug or is it a mixture of your usual brain chemicals and the other chemicals? In either sense, what’s the odds that the resulting “self” is going to be any more “real” than any other version of your self? And if so, are you only “real” while that substance is acting upon your usual brain chemistry? And upon what do you base your opinion?

Hell is knowing not knowing your basic emotions when ytou reflect on your life. I see I touched someone today named Phaedrus.

And you may claim to have “Common sense,” but obviously you didn’t get this. One part of “Common sense” is being able to put “1 and 2 together.” Your talking about pictures and stuff. And being outgoing, if your truly afraid of heights, even if your with all your friends going on a rollercoaster, the peer pressure won’t make you go on your fears accomplice.

Hell is a perspective. Hell is a term we use to describe negative. When our belief systems fluxuate deeply into negatives, our reality reflects it. Hell is a person with a gaping hole inside. As it was said above, not knowing self/reality causes us to know more of our imagination and less on what the mind is meant to offer our perspective.

The reason why knowing self liberates you is because you find the one constant, which becomes the foundation of your existence. Our one and only problem, idenitity, is solved.

Personal Hell Example

I’m afraid of heights.
Friends go on, hot girl 30 feet away.
I think she looked.
She looks excited to go on this roller coaster.
I’ll cry when I’m home by myself.
But I’m with my friends and hot girl over there, so I’ll go on and act not afraid.
I’m a little depressed, but I impressed others.

Personal Hell = Never acting yourself even to yourself. Lies to cover up the truth, like I’ll go on the roller coaster anyways.

Another example. The belief that one does not want to live anymore. The belief that there is nothing to live for. The belief the one is bad or something is wrong with them but not others.

Like you say, by not being ourselves people can never treat us like we need to be in order to feel at peace, or feel happy. Because there is no genuine relationship, no common ground is reached with another person. A common ground or a lot in common is what allows us to feel like we aren’t alone. This type of person lies to others and themselves in order to gratify their identity. Again, deception means there is no real relationship. The person is directing the other to act in a fasion that strengthens their ego. Their utter aloneness is the gaping whole which they must always strive to fill. Drugs, activities, food, entertainment can all be serious destractions from this hole within us, which exists because our lack of awareness of unity. The more self centered (lack of knowing one’s self and their relationship to the environment) we become the more we will label and objectify our environment. We began to see everything in positive and negative, mostly negative.

Golden Arm wrote

Yes, definetely hell. But why stay there? It is difficult to really be yourself, even more difficult finding yourself. But I think when you realize that the person who most people see isnt you, and you dont enjoy being that person, you then realize that a lot of shit doesnt matter any more. Like the acceptance of others for instance. Right now you might feel acceptance from others will make you happy. But obviously it isnt enough, for you still feel like your in hell.(If I understand this correctly). Problem is, the only thing that will make you happy is being yourself, and doing, or in your example, not doing something that is consistent with the real you. So who is the real you? Your probably closer now to knowing than youve ever been, just by realizing that the ‘you’ you once thought was ‘you’ is all a coverup.

unrelated to the content of this thread it came to my mind how it would be if we tried to make ourselves more comprehensible in speech, if we tried most to simplify our way of talking, would it be better or not?

me, for instance, sometimes when I feel playful I do express myself purposefully in a more complicated, or more decorative fashion.

of we had to find the new language out out the material of english, what would it look like?

coffee? yes, thanks, cofee Borgia, please!

hope I’m not thrown out of here :sunglasses: