Is Hellenistic culture superior?

K: the problem with this question is that you have to define Hellenism
and you have to define or understand what superior and superior to what?
to whom? and why? the question as is, leaves us nothing because it says
nothing… is Hellenism superior to our culture? ok, better, because we
have something to work with… you have something to compare or contrast…
redefine your question and give us something to compare to contrast…
that at least will be a start…


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K: I have been married for over 20 years, so, no…


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Yes and no.

K: and once again, we have to define or understand what is Hellenism and
how or why it is superior to who? what? when? where? without some
comparison or contrast, the question as well as the answer means nothing…


Why can’t it be general? Damn near every time in history has something superior to other times and inferior as well.

Does Hellenistic culture have superiors? Don’t know about all that democracy for cows blocking the roads n stuff. Aristocracy was an opaquely prejudice society based on hereditary. They had slaves, empires etc, so nah I don’t think so.

I think the religion and philosophy will be around a long time yet though, even where only used as metaphor.

Many subsequent cultures have tried to revive it (neoclassicism), but I don’t see how it can exist and survive in a globalized world.

Not superior, master morality and aristocracy and lack of hygiene and less advanced economic systems.

Not sure what Hellenism is, other than a bunch of greeks eating grapes and femboys being slaves to older men.

Personally, I prefer hot lesbian culture. Not a big fan of America because it dooms all males to hell and damnation. I would say Hellenism is superior than America because at least they tried an honest attempt to do philosophy.

satyr said this…

your thoughts?

No, Hellenism is not superior. Men who ride the waves to fish are preferred to men who ride the waves to rape, pillage, and murder.

Are you another of Satyr’s sturdy mules?

No I was sharing quotes to generate discussion on the subject

The traits of superiority that man maintained, an ability to rationally dissect, to convert energy into creativity through imagination and produce tools to serve a purpose, it is this intelligence that places man above all…

I’m not sure if rape and murder actually existed then the way it does now. So I think they were superior, perhaps not morally so, but what does that mean when it comes to a hostile environment?

Hellenistic cultures are interesting but my latest obsession has been Incan, Mayan, Aztec, and Polynesian ancient civilizations.

Cultural superiority is irrelevant. A non-issue.

Yeah and fat people are “big boned”… :laughing:

If western civilization was superior, why is it destroying itself and letting itself be overrun or supplanted?

It seems to me the reoccurring cycle of human history is that when a civilization reaches a zenith of advancement it eventually destroys itself from within. Fermi’s paradox anyone?