Hello everyone. I'm new and I'd like to introduce myself.

I like to study the Universe as an adamant Christain may study the Bible. I am pleased to find a friendly Philosophy board and I will be pleased to meet all of you.

The first thing I’d like to ask you all is: When did you first discover that you wanted truth, when did you become a lover of wisdom and what made you so interested in understanding the world we are?

I will talk about the very moment I knew this is what I loved a little later.


friendly? hahaha

anyways, im very happy to see someone else that apperciates this never ending quest for meaning. and i must say, this is a great place to go to when you need more perspective (trust me). anyways, welcome aboard!

Friendly … not. Ok. Well yeah I’m glad to be hear, and I am super, super anxious to debate with people because these slow boards are etremely frusterating to me. Bottom line is, I think I have everything figured out, I mean not ever detail but the big picture, so I want to test it. I want to help others but not if I’m dishing out faulty information, I wanna see if I’m missing something. Whatever though, I don’t think so. But it takes so much time to prove something due to communications innefficiancy. Anyways, not sure how long I’ll be around but it seems like a nice place.



Welcome to the forum. You’ll find all sorts of folks here. Take a bit of time reading through threads in each of the forums. Couldn’t take more than two or three weeks. :slight_smile: It will give you some idea of the thinking (or lack thereof) that goes on here. Jump in when you feel comfortable. If you’re sensitive to good natured criticism, wear a helmet. It can be rough and tumble, but it’s mostly just tumble. :stuck_out_tongue: Again, welcome and have fun.


I’m new as well, so welcome to you, and I’d like to introduce myself as well to the rest of the board. Sorry for using your topic for my own gain, heh. Well anyway, I’m a Sophomore in college and a Philosophy major. I want to teach it eventually at a college level, but I know I have a long way to go. I hope I can have some good discussions and debates with you all.

also, one can only be considered wise when they figure out that they do not know everything.

Of course. Anyway, I made a post in philosophy and it’s gone all of a sudden. Why is this? It is very philosophical.

Oh and welcome silen. :smiley:

Welcome to you both. Tentative is right to suggest a helmet, but better to think carefully before you click submit. The topics can get pretty personal sometimes, but don’t take it all too much to heart. Be yourself. You can learn a lot of good stuff here. (about people and their craziness, if nothing else.) :smiley:

heh…“think before you post”…yeah right, nobody here does that…thats why its so fun to get into fights :wink:
…youre next