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My name is Samantha (Sam), and I’m new to ilovephilosophy.com. I’m an 18 year old student in the UK, and have just applied to university, mainly to study Politics. However, one course is also coupled with Philosophy and Economics, and all the courses involve some sort of Political Philosophy module. So, my interests lie in improving my understanding of Philosophy, and in particular Political Philosophy.

In my personal statement on my university application form, I mentioned an argument I’d read involving private property. I have read quite a lot of the “right to property?” discussion here, but would be grateful if anyone could provide me with any more material for food for thought. Any books, too?

Thanks everyone. If you have time, leave a short reply describing yourself.

Hey Sam, welcome to ILP.com. I hope you receive as much enjoyment and mental satisfaction as I have received here with my interactions with the many scholars you will find here.

To give you a brief introduction to the author of these words I will take you through my philosophical journey.

I was born in the Dominican Republic and raised, since I was two, in the streets of New York City. As I matured I was heavily influenced by the hip hop culture around me. I started watching Star Trek when I was seven and I was hooked ever since, and seriously that is where my love for wisdom started. If there are any trekkies out here, you will know that alot of Star Trek episodes are very philosophical, well at least to me.

When I was a teenager I wanted to be a Catholic priest. But I started questioning a lot of the aspects that didn’t make sense to me about the religion, and before you knew it I left the institution and proclaimed myself agnostic. I went through a very crazy moment and ended up believing in my own version of what I believe “God” to be. Something that could satisfy my mind as well as my soul, and yet keep me open minded enough to accept all around me. (I’m not a satan worhiper if that is what you are thinking)

It is sad to say that the Tao te Ching, The Art of War, and the I Ching along with the Star Wars trilogy is my basis for my belief system.

I have political aspirations, and I wouldn’t mind your input in some questions I have.

After September 11th, 2001 I found myself with out a job, and losing a lot of friends. It wasn’t a good time. I am also a magician / mentalist and a lot of my clients were heavily affected by the attacks. I spent a while touring my act until I decided I might as well and join the military. During Operation Iraqi Freedom I met another ILP.com poster named Obscure_Reality. We had hours of debates and discussions. That is what led me here. I have learned more from reading the posts of this forums greats than by trying to read the ancients themselves.

Hi Smooth!

Thanks for the long response - great to meet you! Yes, I too wanted to find somewhere to discuss Philosophy. My cousin says Philosophy isn’t Philosophy unless you’re discussing it (!).

So how well is your understanding on philosophy. I consider myself a novice. I have read a little here and a little there. But I mostly just post what I feel, not what I have learned. I’m not saying that is what everybody else does. What do you think is your GPP? (general philosophical problem) Everybody has a GPP that motivates them to question the universe. What is yours?

Is it the basic, what is the meaning of life? Or is it more complex. Mine is weird. I have always wondered how is it that we see. I understand how the light goes into the eyeball, and all that good stuff. But I don’t understand that if our brains get projected these images, who does the brain show it to that allows us to see? am I making sense. Is there anybody else who could put some input in this?

The notion of “the right of owning property” sounds pretty possessive and capitalistic. I like to define right to possessions rather according to our inherited needs than our wants & wishes. Exercising the right to own countless properties and exploiting consumers really is only a sordid capitalistic ambition. I prefer the far nobler idea of “Commonwealth” in the true sense of the word; i.e. sharing of wealth. These days political leaders (servants!) offer us to merely share unemployment… It’s a waste of human resources! How about employing more people in scientific research? Yes, we need capitalist input to drive the economy, but at what cost and direction? > Ultimately our quality of lives determine the logical correctness of capitalism. At the moment it’s rather “exploitism”. I don’t think it’s the sort of capitalism we all aspire to? Serious research in health (such as cancer, AIDS, arthritis, migraine etc.) should never been left to pharmaceutical, multinational cowboys. Licenses and taxes for manufacturing and selling goods would provide the money for research & wages. The introduction of early, philosophical education would regress vital, lost family values, such as the time and love for child upbringing; teaching children to respect the elderly, self-recognition and development of their personality. There’s a great need to stream-line/renovate our old-fashion capitalism towards a better society. Now that we got rid of communism, dictatorships… let’s modernize our capitalism. It’s the only form of ideology I can think of, which is adaptable to any requirements. It’s merely a matter of getting/planing it philosophically right. I wrote seven books about personal contentment (quality of life), which began with individualist philosophy and now increasingly swing over to sociological philosophy. I was born in East-Germany and lived under communist rule. Suffering the loss of personal freedom encouraged me to establish my very own brand of philosophy.
Thus, instead of merely claiming “the right to property”, I prefer to reason that we rather have the right and duty to recognize our inherited negative and positive (mental, emotional, physical) pre-dispositions; dismantle the negative ones and develop the positive ones. Regards jjj

Woah Woah Woah, Hold on just a darn minute…

Possibly the coolest thing ever! Can you tell us a bit more about it, where you were stationed, how you started to talk about it? Where is he now, do you still keep in contact?

Very exciting (in a sad gimpish sort of way!)

  • ben

I can’t explain too much, but I could try to see how I can word it.

The short story is simple. I’m stationed with MALS-11 and what we do basicially is that we keep those FA-18 Hornets in the air, amongst other things on top of being a normal Marine (a rifleman and proffessional bullet catcher). The MALS-11 deployed element landed in Kuwait in January, so we got to enjoy the desert for a few weeks before the war started. <~~~Sarcasm.

Obscure works in a different division than I but was put on a whole night duty for a couple of weeks. He was in charge of looking over some very expensive stuff and needed to stay up all night. Because it got cold and stuff at night, my Gunnery Sergent allowed him to spend time inside our vanpads.

I noticed Obscure because of a book he was reading and vice-versa. We started talking and both quickly realized that we had a love for the game of chess. Amongst several games in which I realized that this guy is a very scary individual and shouldn’t belong in military, but on some other government facility designing weapons of mass destruction, we debated the inner workings of reality, justice, and finance.

When the war started he told me about ILP.com. I think he had a different name, or he came on as a guest. I’m not sure. He told me about the different minds that all come together in this forum. Since I have never participated in such a thing, and I am new to the idea of having to express my point of veiw in a formal matter, I soon become addicted to ILP.com. Obscure lives a few doors down from my room, but he hasn’t been online due to his duties. But in my opinion he is amongst the smartest human beings I have ever met in my life. And not because of the information he seems to recall at a moments notice, but because of his creativity with his ideas. Cool guy! That’s my dawg.

:wink: thanx smooth, but i think you give me too much credit. oh and by the way, remember our discussion bout plato’s cave and the matrix? after seeing reloaded, and with some other buddies input, we came up with a theory… the people within and out of the matrix are all A.I… just think about it, it makes perfect sense in many ways…

well, before a moderator kicks my post off of this thread, i will hold true to what is being discussed here.

myself and smooth both served together in operation iraqi freedom. needless to say, the experiance was unlike any other. i work with cryogenic liquids for the marine corps, and i will leave it at that. it was by the graciousness of his superiors that i didnt become some desert rats icicle treat in the cold of the night. i became the chess champion of the storage vans and during that smooth dazeled me with his amazing slight of hand skills. he saw that i read, and offered to let me borrow some of his books. i noticed that he had an old mangled book that had many post it notes and was instantly curious. it happened to be a conglomeration of many philosophical entries by philosophers through the centuries… thats when i told him about ILP.com. its rare to find people like smooth in the corps. hopefully we can influence our peers to have more lust for knowledge…

anywho, here i am now back home in the states preparing myself for another overseas duty. hopefuly while im in japan, i can convince some people to join that have the experiance of eastern philosophy…

I think my affection towards Socrates conversation with Glaucon about the men living in an underground cave has affected me more than is imaginable. I have posted many times about my admiration towards the first Matrix movie. I think this is due to the fact about where I grew up at. The neighborhood seems to be stuck, with all of its inhabitants in a state of mental slavery! It pisses me off! But reading that myth of the cave struck a cord deep within me.

Oh yeah, I have my own theory as well on Matrix reloaded, I’ll post that on the Matrix thread in order to keep this thread as clean as possible from different topics.