Hello there!

Hello, everyone.

I’m Dulcet.

For the time being, I’m employed as a unionized service worker, while I attend university in the evening. While I’m already attending one university, I am returning to Northwestern in the fall to obtain a second degree.

My strengths are in the area of humanities and it is through college that I picked up an interest in philosophy. Right now, I am reading through general manuals to get an idea of what different philosophers believe(d). Once I feel comfortable enough with the basics of philosophy, I plan to do more in-depth research into the lives of various philosophers and various schools of philosophy.

I have lurked these forums for a while. I find many of the topics interesting and look forward to conversing with other members on these issues, once I feel secure enough with my own insights.

I hope that makes some sense. :confused:

I don’t want to jump half-assed into any threads without having the necessary information to backup my viewpoints. I want to wait until my views become better developed. :blush:

fair enough… (but half or whole assed matters little…)

welcome to the boards…


What’d you have planned for the summer? …fellow Chicagoian… As far as Northwestern is concerned, I’m right in the neighborhood, but you’d probably be doing yourself a favor by ignoring me.

Welcome to ILP nonetheless- Peace and Love!


Make sure to go to Ravinia… the outside venue for music in Chicago. Take a picnic, sit under the stars and, if you are a student, get in for free on classical or chamber music nights. Take the train there, and save your pennies and hit the Mirabelle Restaurant on site… Ravinia is close to Northwestern, and an experience you won’t forget.

Wecome to ILP, and don’t be afraid to chime in your views. We are all philosophers of life. (I use the term “we” loosely when it comes to myself.)



Hi Dulcet,

Actually it is oftentimes when we jump in that our development takes place. Mostly anything I’ve learned in life, I’ve learned by doing. Observing is fine and caution is warranted sometimes…be willing to make a fool of yourself and you will find your strength.


If that is true, than I must be Wonderwoman or should be hitting the WWE- circuit!

You are beautiful Bessy. Beautiful.


You are too kind, A…

Welcome, Dulcet.:wink:

Thank me, because when I first logged in ILP, nobody welcomed me!

I am a very positive and sincere guy. I love life, I love Science, and I love everything. Everything makes me happy, because I am humble. You will be happy when you’ll really know me. Bye.

I don’t know about you Dulcet - but Fabiano scares me… :astonished:

Welcome to the boards.

  • I can’t wait until your half-ass grows into a whole one.


Nobody welcomed me either, and so I welcomed myself. Masturbation doesn’t just work for orgasms, you know. I masturbate in all areas of my consiousness… just makes me wanna smile I tell you. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

So you always laugh at youself, play with yourself, don’t take yourself very seriously, Bess? Right. Maybe that’s the only thing to do. I confess that I like you. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

(not ironic, I swear).

Tabula Rasa,

Do I really scare you? Why? :astonished:

Hmmm . . . it seems I messed up in my original post by starting a new thread. Sorry! :blush:

I appreciate the welcomes.

I was born and raised in Illinois. In fact, I grew up in the outskirts of Chicago. I’ll be taking a majority of my remaining classes at Northwestern’s Chicago lakefront campus. I look forward to returning to NU.

My focus this summer is getting a new place to live, a new job, and deciding which classes to take this fall.

I’ve been using my free time to read philosophy texts and brainstorm ideas for a story. Oh, I’ve also been reading through many threads on this website so that I can get an idea of how other ILPers post and which topics I feel comfortable discussing with all of you. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words. I am confused about something. You said two posts ago that you “loved life.” If you love life, why are you so sad? And then you said in your ideal life, you said “no life” at all. This is why our Tabby is so fearful. If you want everyone’s attention - you’ve got it.

(Uniqor - DO NOT RESPOND TO THAT. [size=75]Walk away. Walk away while you still [/size][size=75]can.)[/size]

don’t worry bess, fabiano pmed me in the attempt to “hug” me… so i guess that we are peaceful now

Sorry - I’ve watched too many horror movies where the psychotic killer presses his psychotic nose up against the virgin’s ear and hisses…
"When you truly know me you will love me…"etc. Shortly before dumping her naked into a pit of gigantic naked-virgin-eating flatworms to ponder the wisdom of his words… And also possibly to ponder the wisdom of dating someone who has a pit of naked-virgin-eating flatworms in his place of residence.

Quickest way to disturb an English man:

Tell him you like him at first meeting. And even worse - look sincere!!!

[size=75][Euughh!!! - I’ve scared myself now][/size]

of course there is no such thing as apartmentworms… :wink:



of course I was being ironic when I said that I loved life, although that is not absolutely wrong. But I don’t even “hate” life, I can assure you. If I hated it, be sure, I wasn’t here anymore. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Tabula Rasa,

I haven’t understood your last post.

Can you explain me what you meant?


Don’t try to understand… there are so many private jokes among this group that you would have to be a master of the absurd to translate. :astonished: I may bow out soon because I do feel like I am talking to myself here, which was the primary reason for my series of ironic posts of solitary journaling. It’s clear that I don’t belong here. There won’t be any showy good-bye threads for me, just a slow walk off into the cyber-sunset.

Happy day today, Fabiano. No irony meant in that either. :wink:

Don’t dare to go away from this forum.

Who said that I belong here, dear? :sunglasses: :sunglasses: