Help in dealing with a stupid old fart!

I need some suggestions on how to deal with this stupid old fart at work. I’ve been training this stupid old fart on how to update an excel spreadsheet for 3 month, and every day, I get the same question and I provide the same reply.

Now when this old fart does not know something which she should, she blames it on me saying I didn’t teach her. I mean doesn’t she have an obligation to learn just as I have an obligation to teach.

This stupid old fart stink and sometimes make faces to make me feel sorry for her so I can do her job while she goes home because she has to look after her kids.

It’s amazing how she got the job in the first instance, but I really need some way to deal with this stupid old fart.

Put it in writing.

don’t see how that can help

write the instructions down. That way she can’t claim she did not get told. i would also get a recorder and record your coversations. Tell her that you are going to do that. Between the written and the recorder you have proof she is a dunderheaded manipulative slacker. Age has nothing to do with it BTW she sounds just like an everyday Bitch.

It would not surprise me at all if she suddenly became knowledgable once she realizes what you are doing. :sunglasses:

What would you do if you went to one of your local brothels for a session, and when the time came to choose the girl, from out the back room stepped forward that old fart? :laughing: