help with consciousness

what is it, what has it, where is it, where did it come from, when did it start, when does it end? HELP!

Please consider the very distinct possibility that consciousness just is.

how nothing just is nothing but consciousness is everything i am so how can i be nothing? I am leading more towards consciousness is partly the recollection of experience and perhaps IDK!

There isn’t much coherence in your thinking here, so I’m not sure how to reply. It looks as though you are trying to imply that consciousness is both nothing and everything, which means that you are nothing and everything… so then you are saying that you are consciousness. This is very confusing.

I was saying I AM my consciousness and I am not just me I am a multitude of egos so how can it just be ya know? Also there are people with multi personalities and such…

Put enough ants together in a pile and suddenly, out of nowhere, you have a colony.

What do you mean by “how can it just be ya know”? WTF is “ya know”? I don’t know. You have to make yourself clear.

Anyway, I think you are perplexed by the selves you present as public masks. In order to get past that illusion, you have to connect to your inner self, the one real you. There are ways to do that. One way to do that is to see if there is one over-riding observer and analyzer of all the egos and personalities.

Multiple personality is an interesting phenomena. People have been trying to come to terms with it for awhile. No its called Dissociative Identity Disorder. That’s for the mental health and pharmaceutical industry, so they can make a diagnosis and treat it according to the ever larger and grosser DSM Manual. I don’t see it as a disorder at all, though it does need to be dealt with as a person gets older in a society that requires people to take on time constraints and move around in a very mechanistic world. But there are other ways to look at it and deal with it. I don’t have DID (or MPD) fortunately, but I’ve read some books on it both from the psychological angle and the spiritual. I like the spiritual angle much better.

consciousness is problem solving
it is inherent in evolution

Jonquil are you a Hindu or something?

it is? i doubt it.

What exactly is a Hindu or something?

one or the other, also both. if you are a hindu, answer yes. if you are something, answer yes. if you are both, answer yes. if you are neither, answer no.

unless he meant that as an XOR question, in which case if you’re both answer no as well.

Don’t really know how you can misinterpret that question haha. Would you claim yourself you incorperate Hindu ideology. I was just wondering because of your calls of ‘becoming one with yourself’ and such, which Hindu’s love.

Anyway, let’s bring the thread back to consciousness because I’d like to hear everybody’s view on this.

Neither one of you answered my question. I definitely know what that means . . .


Hahaha I don’t think Jonquil is a Hindi lol but I’d believe in the hypotheses of evolution/problem solving. Give you more opportunities to fulfill dire needs.

The only one who could answer that fully is God. And God does not exist.

Then what exactly are you saying. No one can fully know?

jonquil has a band you guys

Recognition of self recognition.

So far that we know…humans; possibly orangutans…we haven’t found a proper way to test this really.
There are many suggesting chimps have it as well…it’s a provocative subject matter overall.
Some humans with certain levels of neurological deficiency are also in question, yet inconclusive as of yet.

In the brain.
Did you want a more specific location?

This is a strange question…it strikes me like asking where feline vision comes from.

The common theory used to be that it really kicked off with H. sapien sapien, but many have kicked that back since then citing that the artistic artifacts of the H. neanderthalensis strongly compels the stance of consciousness.

We really don’t know enough yet; we have a large amount of missing data.

Fuck if anyone knows.
Shit, if there’s other life out there somewhere, then not even when we end will it end.