Help with diagramming arguments

Hello, I was hoping someone could help me diagram these arguments. I have a big test coming up and I need to figure out these examples to study from. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

#1 If you care about the environment you will wear real fur. The manufacturing process for artificial fur creates chemical reactions that may be dangerous. Artificial fur is not bidegradable or recyclable; it will exist forever polluting the earth. It cannot be disposed by burning, because when burned it produces dioxins and other harmful gases. Artificial fur is more harmful to the environment than real fur.

I just need to state whether it’s inductive or deductive, identify the premises and conclusions, hidden elements and diagram the argument.

diagram example 1 + 2 → 3 but going vertical, thanks very much for any help


I’m not sure about diagram but here is a reconstruction of your argument, hope it helps:

P1) The production of artificial fur might cause chemical reactions that harm the environment.
P1.5) Anything which causes environment threatening chemical reactions is bad for the environment

C1) (probably) The production of artifial fur is bad for the environment.

P2) Artificial fur is not biodegradable
P3) Real fur is biodegradable.
P4) Anything that is biodegradable is less harmful to the environment than anything non biodegradable.

C2) (probably) Real fur is less harmful to the environment than artificial fur.

P5) If you care about the environment, you would not support the production of non biodegradable products.
P5.5) Anyone wearing artificial fur is supporting the production of non biodegradable products.

C3) If you care about the environment, you should wear real fur.

C2 is the conclusion of an inductively forceful argument.

Your final conclusion is not so good because you say we should wear real fur but what you would be better to say is that we should not wear artificial fur. The overall argument is not valid. An argument is only deductively valid if it were impossible for the premises to be true and the conclusion false. In this case, your premises can be true yet your conclusion false as I could, for example, wear my swimming costume.

The person who claims to care about the environment is given no reason to wear real fur, only reasons not to wear fake fur.

If you said “C3) If you care about the environment, you should not wear artifical fur”, it would be a valid argument.