…same benefits as the military except you dont have to go to war!!!
how nice would that be ?

Once again, I’m ‘missing’ something here… :laughing:

what’s happening with the herd? why does it need to be ‘helped’?

the same reason your most active topic (that i just checked) currently is…

Are muslims insane? or is it the leadership? :wink: :smiley:

Then TTG is probably right: you’re just a troll:laughing:

…anyway :unamused: …i think having the same benefits as the military without going to war would be incredible- anyone with something worthwhile to say, please do so…instead of people as mr raincloud whom i must admit is not offering anything worthwhile…if you’re in here for a debate you got the wrong place, probably need to go back to muslims insanity and their leadership for that :smiley: just kidding- but seriously…wouldnt it be nice if we could have the same benefits as the military but not have to go to war?

would it? :-k

you’re answering my question with a question…

i think it is going to be a revolutionary step for mankind to employ the benefits of the military with no consequences such as war…it will lead to incredible leaps for education- socialization- you know- all the benefits of the military…everyone will be doing it…can you imagine how many people would join the military if there were no consequences??? keep in mind working is not a consequence…i really cant see any consequences for joining the military that do not in some way have to do with going to war…even if we still have to excersice it would still be revolutionary if war is taken out of the picture- i’d be in the military right now!!!

It’s possible to join the military and not go to war, you just have to join during peacetime.

The benefits you receive from being in the military are payment for serving the country however the leadership sees fit. Depending on your leaderships’ mood they might want you to fight their enemy, defend something of importance, or provide humanitarian aid to whomever. That’s your job.

Asking for something for nothing is pointless. If you don’t want to take my word for it, discuss with your employer how you won’t be performing any work while you’re there from now on.

No more so than Christians. I’m of the opinion that anyone who’s deeply religious is a tad bit insane. I won’t elaborate here.

i’m speaking of the same benefits as the military with none of what you speak above- this is very specific

it is impossible to ask for something for nothing :smiley:

i dont follow

lol…i wasnt asking if muslims are insane :smiley:

Exactly what benefits are you referring to then? I think I completely misunderstood.

I was assuming you were talking about the government training, health care, and paying for schooling after service, etc. These and other benefits are ‘payment’ for said service. Getting the benefits without putting in the time is ‘something for nothing’. No employer will ever pay anyone for doing nothing. Telling your current employer…

…is equivalent to asking for ‘something for nothing’.

Someone obviously was. You or not, I weighed in on the subject as it was referenced here. I’m sorry if you thought I was accusing you of anything.

ALL OF THE BENEFITS OF THE MILITARY- except you never have to go to war-

joining the military during peacetime is no where near the same thing as having all of the benefits of the military except you never have to go to war…

This will be a revolutionary step for mankind!!! it will be a fail-proof systematically unhindered progression

If you join in peace time and there are no wars to go to, then one might conclude that they will never have to go to war. Between WWI and WWII there was peacetime. Between WWII and the Korean War there was peace time. Between the Korean War and Vietnam there was peace time. Between Vietnam and Desert Storm there was peace time. And between Desert Storm and today’s conflicts there was peace time. People that joined at the end of these wars were trained to go to war, but never did. i.e. they received military benefits without having to go to war.
Like I said before though, getting paid for doing nothing is never going to happen.

…towards Communism? :unamused:

NEVER having to go to war is this idea- you can keep your ideas- but when this idea happens then maybe you will open your eyes (if you and i are even still alive when it happens)

you must try to understand the idea i am expressing- you are trying to rationalize a past and current idea for an idea that is not current and has never been done :smiley:

and when it happens it will be a revolutionary step for mankind towards happiness and love

So your idea is world peace?
You should elaborate and discuss details. I’m pretty sure I’m not following you. #-o

this particular idea will be of people being able to receive the benefits of the military, without the big consequence of having to kill others :smiley:

you- see…the military works just fine without the killing part :laughing: therefore this idea can be done just as easily without having to hurt others

all of the benefits of the military with none of the consequences- and as i said- the only current consequence i see is war

they want to educate you and give you the world in turn for your soul :laughing:

with this idea you would never have to worry about that…EVER! a completely different state of mind- infinitely more peaceful

As in just having a military in general? or actually having served in the military and receiving health benefits, etc? Free education?

Non-lethal bullets? A friendly game of capture the flag? :slight_smile:
I still don’t understand what your idea is; so let me ask how you would go about putting your idea into action. What is step #1 to realizing this idea? Perhaps these answers will shed some light on it.

well a few years ago i started thinking of an organization where there were endless possibilities- but after a while i started to wonder how such a place could have never existed before in the first place- i suddenly realized that my organization did exist- it was the military except without any of the war part…i knew that there will be a point in time when there will be an organization or program just as the military except without the threat of war- this is how i realized all of this- its hard to transfer the entire image with words therefore i know the military is a pretty good example of my idea- (without the threat of war)

So basically an army that builds instead of destroys and heals instead of kills? Something like the Peace Corp? I may still be way off the right track…

well- your definitely in the right direction…

that’s from a peace corps website…the idea that im talking would be much much different than this- from what i see this is nothing like the military and my idea is very similar to the idea of the military without the threat of war

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