Here is an interesting little video


and none of the socialists will survive the revolution

the thieves will be shot


I’m not sure I understand her entire argument. This is not the first time a franchise has ever been pulled. And GM needed to do this years ago.

As for members of Congress pulling strings - if the story is as she presents it, then they - those members of Congress - probably need to go.

There are some interesting points she has made about the car dealerships. As for knowing the whole story behind the cuts, I doubt it will come to light.

Well, I’m not sure what those points are. She seems to be claiming that the franchises should not have been pulled, but I don’t know why that should be so. Thousands have been laid off - are they less worthy of consideration than relativeley wealthy franchise owners? Is it unamerican to lay people off, too? Is it unamerican to foreclose on their houses and repo their cars? Is every financial hardship “unamerican”?

In reading up a bit, I have found Frank’s conduct suspect at the very least, in this matter. It may be a constituent thing and not a campaign money thing, but it doesn’t really matter.