Here ya go conspiracy buffs!

This is a nice little head scratcher.

I have to do a lot more research on this before I can intelligently comment. If this isn’t a hoax, this man better be prepared, for the men in black won’t be too far off.

Alien human hybrids, I knew it. This could mean two things. One, humans are genetically similar enough to aliens that we can fuck, meaning, we could be alien cousins from another planet, or they could be from this planet, but evolved and took off, only to return several milenia later, or maybe they went underground, or vanished into a higher plane of consciousness. Two, they could be totally unrelated to us, but used genetic engineering to splice our dna/rna.

Either way, I have just been mind fucked, but I have to do more research.

I apologize if this plug is uncalled for. But I know people drawn to this thread may have interest here.

I’ll add that there are two typical aspects being addressed that you are going to hear from the so-called skeptics, when you research this. (1) Hydrocephaly, (2) Cradleboarding. That being that the morphology of the skull is being put to rational speculation. Not to scientific data or analysis. Just speculation. And we can then add that these skeptical techniques (and do please share if you find any more insightful skeptical claims on this) . . . are trying to rationalize the overall appearance of the skull, and not a single claim being made about the material content of the skull. In other words, they are speculating why they think the skull “looks funny” and “it could be because of this.” They will not even mention in their analysis the material and genetic components of the skull which have been clearly analyzed clinically.

That means that people who want to analyze this skull from a skeptical view (because what would be any less rational?) are not going to get hardly a morsel of the real facts. They will be lead to believe that this was all of it, and in their limit of research time in a day, likely close the book at that, and consider it “debunked.”

If you ask me, that’s a lot of bad science for debunkery.

I love skeptics. I really do. I can’t tell you how badly I despise pseudoskepticism.

At this point I believe that over the years I have researched this skull exhaustively enough. And now I am less interested in the physical data and more interested in the very specific process by which this skull was exposed to clinical testing and then not exposed to large-scale journalism. In other words: I want to know specific names of people in high places whom came across this information, and then abruptly chose not to assist in publishing this. Secondly, I want to know where those specific names receive their paychecks from. And then I wish to take any other claim in science which has gone through this kind of clinical process (Eg: Roger Lier’s implants) and take the same prudent analysis as to specific people influential in journalism whom were exposed to it, rather than further mauling over the content itself (which has already been done exhaustively).

If for some reason the DNA count is credible, then why in Heaven’s name is this not making front page news?

Because it’s jumping to conclusions, they only compared the DNA to normal people, not with people with any known similarities of deformation.

  1. Even the most deformed man on earth has a DNA similar to normals. So far, the DNA of the Star Child is as different to our own as rats.

  2. There is no deformity or combination of deformaties even remotely similar to the 25-30 radical abnormalities and curiosities present in the skull. The skull is a one of kind, totally unique on this earth. It is made of a materials and woven with fibers not of this world. There is no precedent.

They specificly said that they compared the DNA to the registry, they did not say that they compared the DNA to other geneticly conditioned mutated people.

This etheral materials are circumstacial evidence as it could have been placed there by people with self interest in their 15 min of fame.

From what I gather, the skull was compared with every genome on record, human, non human and sub human. Anyway, like I said, even the elephant man wasn’t 20 or 30 percent genetically dissimilar to us, try 1 percent. This skull is as different to us as a rat.

The entire skull is an organic, “etheral” or to be more precise, it is composed of a tooth enamel like material. Do your research (I’m not an expert on this matter, but I did more than just watch this video).

So in essens it can just be a new unknown form of mutation, and doesn’t nessesarily have to be an etheral being.

It cannot be a mutation. This being couldn’t have been born (at least naturally) to a human mother, it is too dissimilar and too perfect. Evolution is a slow process, you don’t just wind up with a child that’s 30 percent dissimilar from it’s mother, let alone absolutely symmetrical and perfect. It had to have been born to something similar to it. If it is terrestrial, which I doubt, then there must have been thousands or even millions of these things running around 900 years ago. What happend to them? How come no skulls and skeletons have been found, 'till now, it’s not like this skull dates back to the Mesozoic, it dates back to the medieval. Their brains were larger than humans. Everything about the skull seems to indicate they were more advanced, more intelligent than us. Where is the remnants of their civilization? How come the Native Americans never spoke of them, except in conjunction with beings descending from the heavens? I’d be inclined to agree with you, if it were 1 or 2% genetically dissimilar, or the skull dated back a million years ago.

Please don’t make up things, it’s really annoying, you may belive in your own words, but any other shouldn’t.

Uhhh, you should do a little more research before you speak to me again (again, I’m not an expert, but I seem to know a lot more than you), you’re comments are beginning to sound asinine.

I believe if you think Lucis is not offering a fair position, Hex, then you should challenge him to debate where judges would look at his claims more prudently. At this point in time, you have the opportunity to be an effective skeptic. If it really interests you, then thoroughly analyze it point by point.

“This etheral materials are circumstacial evidence as it could have been placed there by people with self interest in their 15 min of fame.”

You say this, but you have not thoroughly justified how this is so. But this is a worthwhile exploration. So how was it placed? Whom is the hoaxer? How is ze doing this?

Believe me, I have been waiting on skeptics to clear the muddy waters for me from the day I began this kind of inquiry around 2001. It would be nice if the world made sense for me again. There should be a nobel prize for properly exposing a hoax. If too many people are believing a hoax, surely the skeptic’s goal is to liberate them from this problem and thoroughly expose it step by step.

Would you not agree that at the very least: if this is a mutation, it is one worth inquiry? And if this is a hoax, it was an elaborate one, and therefore still worth inquiry to expose it? Surely you can give me something more substantial than “there’s nothing to see here, move on.”

@ Gaiaguerrilla

I belive I already tried to have a sound debate, instead he constantly jumped to conclusions, if you like to debate with such person, go ahead.

What relevance does it have who put these ethereal items at the skull, motive and pupose? …none? Well, maybe to fool naive people.

If it really had relevance to me, I would go to the ends of the world to unwravel this great mystery, but it doesn’t.

Everything has relevance to anyone interested in rational inquiry. To a believer in something rather extraordinary, it is to expose an important truth that seems hardly accepted by an ignorant mass. To a skeptic, it is to clarify matters for the debilitated people of the world that seem locked in their own ignorance. Either one breeds progress.

Is Lloyd Pye another Gallileo or is he another one of those 70s psychics created by James Randi to show how stupid we are. If 40,000 people believe Elvis is alive and they are all stupid, I should be rewarded if I were to liberate them from their stupidity by making it clear to them where they went wrong. That’s a lot of human brain cells going to waste.

Anyway . . . I’m not assuming the skull is really an alien, or really a hoax, or really a mutation exaggerated as unique. I do think there is a serious lack of inquiry put into it. Either Pye deserves more funding, or the skeptics need to make a thorough debunkery to put it to rest.

meh… Ive seen worse faces. lol

Aliens maybe, but deformity is more believable and how credible is this dna scan stuff

There are trillions upon trillions things to study, the wise would focus on those things relevant to self.

It would be a great folly if …say a geologist wasted time studying advanced genetics which is out of his field, but instead should let the specificly educated in that field, do that.

Why are you contradicting youself, you say there are so many stupid people, why should “anyone” then study when they’r unable to comprehend or make good results? …it all just leads to prolific brain diariah, we see it in this thread where people jump to conclusions, where naive people are overwhelmed by this interesting vid, and Sheeple will have their day.

Actually no, the skull has been proven to be 100% legitimate, of that I’m sure. I verified this claim with a wikipedia article. I think the wikipedia article can be trusted, even though I haven’t done a background check, for in every other way it’s anti star child and wikipedia has a reputation for upholding the concensus view of reality, not necessarily the truth, especially concerning and regarding sensitive matters such as these.

However, wikipedia claims the skull is human and the deformities are slight, citing a genetic study performed on it by a bunch of teenagers in 1999, when genetics was still in it’s infancy. Lloyd Pye (the caretaker of the skull) claims he has performed genetic analyses since then (2006 and 2010), utilizing the best technology available to him. One of them was inconclusive (it was able to ascertain the mother was a human via mitochondrial DNA, mysteriously it was unable to obtain it’s nuclear Dna, which contains DNA from both mother and father), the other was able to obtain a small portion of the nulear DNA, which was wildly and dramatically inhuman. This means the Star Child is probably an alien human hybrid of some kind, although we won’t be able to prove this definitively until technology has become sufficiently advanced to obtain 900 year old inhuman DNA. “Scientists” refuse to fund Lloyd’s research, because they’re not genuinely curious people and thus are not scientists, nor skeptix (as Gaia and his article have demonstrated), but conservative defenders of the faith. They just want Pye and his skull to go away, but they’re not going anywhere.