Here's What I Think About God

There could not possibly be a God becuase He would represent all that His teachings oppose:

How can you represent goodness if you allow evil? How could you be the ultimate saint and yet be willfully ignorant towards millions of people screaming for peace from their suffering?

Don’t give me that “does not answer to the will of man” BS, because He would not have given man sooo much attention in the past to forget about them now. That, and if Moses could call Him forth whenever he felt like it, why does He ignore us?


You don’t consider ancient Jews as the epitome of truth and science.

All I can say is that from the Christian perspective God gave us free-will and it’s our choice what we do with it.

We are all the same on the inside, right? Well, at least I hope. I just can’t see why people need a reason why we are here, that’s all.

In other words:

“It’s all your fault”.

It’s just like Karma.

At the root, this is self-blame, a fallacy against determinism. A mode of self-oppression and self-judgment.

And who decides the levelof karma tobe handed out? God?

We’re not all the same. That’s a lump of over-simplified shit.
Even shit isn’t all the same. Each lump is different and unique.

Words are uniform,
Reality is not.

“Universal Obsessive Compulsive Neurosis”

I meanto say that we all have thesame organ and are composed of the same decaying organic material as all of nature

That’s true too.
It all depends on perspective.
Everything is both true and false if it has two poles.

Actually, not having free will (that is, lacking conscious control over your thought/actions) can be quite awesome. ‘Let your soul take control, go along for the ride and discover a new role.’

At first glance it looks like your question assumes that (a) that there probably is a god, and (b) that if there is a god that he endorses his teachings and that the common adjectives towards him are fact and not fabrications to fool His people.

Question existence based on likability is counter productive to the underlying goal which is to ask whether or not He exists.

If God does exists, fine.
If God does exists and he is in fact the hypocritical douche bag the old testimate makes him out to be… well… tough shit. Thats God.

So stop complaining about descriptions of deities and instead ask if they exist first.

Weak, I believe in God and could make a better argument against his existance. Doesn’t take much to make you close the door of any possibility does it?

I could wite a book. I could not deny that our biological structure is intricate and that it would seem that it was preplaned instead of millions of years of evelution as it was. I have simply come tothe conclusion that I don’t need an explination for my existance. I just wanted to point out that the idea of God contradicts itself

I declare that if there was a God he would have been smarter then to create a world that required spiders. I mean ewww

What’s the point of Good unless you earn it. The bad makes the good feel better.

But you didn’t support this idea with any examples or logic, you just say it, what good is that?

Allowing evil is hardly a paradox or even a good point, in fact it is quite pedestrian and childish, many here, even non believers can logically answer the need for allowing evil or the logic behind the idea that God cannot prohibit it because of his own laws.

Surely you can do better and surely you understand this idea of Choice and how the decisions of one individual is not connected to all others with choice or the one who created you with choice. God didn’t make Evil, he made sentient beings that can create within the limits he set and one of those beings creation happened to be evil, in fact I would say that one of those beings creation had to be evil, it was inevitable.

I am a Christian of sorts, but these are some comforting words from an athiest. This is the way people should live, without worry, and without wasting there life waiting on the next.

Ok I am not very good at explaining this so before you attack me think about it for a second.

There was no good and evil before Adam and Eve ate from “the tree of the knowledge of good & evil.” There just simply was earth and nature. There was no law, because it was not necessary. Adam and eve were allowed to eat from the tree because of the free will given to them (us) by God. We (modern human beings) created good and evil. God is not contradictory. We are just imperfect.

So now you ask, “why would God make something that was imperfect?” Like I said earlier we WERE perfect untill we ate (from the tree), the free will God gave us led to our imperfections.

Also I don’t belive in predestination, and that is why God did not know we would eventually eat from the tree. If you think about that the rest of christianity kinda comes into perspective. It explains why God had to communticate with us and give us “commandments”(Laws), and basically everything else. It just dosen’t answer the question of his existance. Which for me is a matter of faith and not Science.

There are those who would say He does not ignore us.

I see a contradiction with your statement. You can’t call beings perfect if they have the ability to change their minds to do an imperfect act. A truly perfect design (I mean this with anything man made or natural) is one in which there is a 100% occurance of perfection and a 0% chance of imperfection. If Adam and Eve originally had the freewill to choose to do wrong, then that makes them imperfect from the start.

As for what you said about no predestination…
All my life I have been told that God is all knowing, all seeing, all loving, and omni-present, and maybe more adjectives of the sort. I mean the God of the bible; the same one that made Adam and Eve. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like you are referring to two separate deities.

In regards to the all-knowing aspect: your life doesn’t necessarily have to be pre-determined for it to be known in advance. For example, God made you and he knows what you will do, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that He intended your specific actions. However this begs the question of why he would create you knowing you would do wrong.

This is all well and good if in fact God is NOT all knowing; which would go against EVERYTHING I have EVER heard about what it means to be a god.
(Oh and just a side note: “all-knowing” means knowing all things past, present and future)

This is probably the smartest, most logical thing I have heard from ANYONE in a long time.